My Tribute To Mother......Day Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

My Tribute To Mother......Day

Rating: 4.8

a Mother,
a GodMother,
a GrandMother,

the central figure in every family's life,
who has the quality of a professor,
the patience of an angel,
the power of Tarzan

the unique habit of keeping her family together as a united one,
with that special kind of love which we cannot see,
we as her kids can only feel it, smell the atmosphere of the cozy surrounds at home as we never could ever feel elsewhere...

at home with Mom is always the best! !
her cookies are the most delicious ones
we love to talk about her in superlatives
Mother a place to hide when we have fear or anxiety,
under Mother's wings is always a peaceful homecoming...

daughters love to write a great tribute to Her
as well as to Mothership

Some quotations from different sources I put down here:
First from the Bible:
'Honour thy mother and thy father' Bible: Exodus

'As is the mother, so is her daughter' Bible: Ezekiel

And now from other sources:
'So for the mother's sake, the child was dear'
'And dearer was the mother for the child' (Samuel Taylor Coleridge 'Sonnet to a Friend Who Asked How I Felt When the Nurse First Presented My Infant Child to Me')

'All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That is his' (Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest)

And the last quotation is mine:
'A Mother is the complete human being on earth,
the caring and loving person,
the only one to whom daughters write the greatest tribute,
the safest place to come home...
a Mother is like Home....' (Sylvia Frances Chan)

Original Title: An Essay on Mother,
then today reposted as: My Tribute To MOTHER.....Day
Sunday 14th May 2017, MotherDAY

My Tribute To Mother......Day
About Our Most Beloved person in the house, our MOTHER, Our Coziest HOME.
Richard Wlodarski 01 December 2017

Sylvia, a most beautiful tribute to mothers! Some wonderful lines. And great quotations. And what memories! Thank you for this great write.

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Dr Pintu Mahakul 27 May 2017

Previously I have read this poem under title, An Essay on Mother, Thank you for bringing this poem ahead with new incarnation. This is very smooth and pleasing. Revisiting the same poem with new title, My Tribute To Mother....Day, mesmerizes mind. As this poem is same I put my previous review on this. Pintu Mahakul: February 8th,2017 06: 36 This poem is definitely a very beautiful tribute to mother and also to all mothers of this world. Mother is the central figure in every family's life. She has the quality of a professor. Yes, she is the patience of an angel. She is the power of the power of Tarzan. A mother exists in family in many forms like a mother or mother-in-law, a grandmother or in form of great-grandmother. She is ever affectionate. Her love brings courage for all and her selfless service brings success for us. A mother is higher than heaven. More we speak about a mother less this becomes. A mother's love is beyond infinity. Mother has important role in our lives. Earth's motherhood is precious for all creatures. Trust, love and devotion we learn from a mother only in family. Yes, you are very true. A Mother is the complete human being on Earth. Her role has no end. This is an outstanding poem definitely that makes a reader very emotional. I remember my mother always as everything I have learnt from her, even her poetic style and values of selfless service. My mom has encouraged me much during childhood days witnessing writing qualities within me. Everyday she supports me and my brother a lot. Emotion comes more reading such an affectionate and lovable poem here. After all, our beloved super father and mother both is God. He is our super mother and very affectionate. Super Mother God has beautified this universe giving motherhood to Earth and a mother. A beloved mother is messenger of God from heaven to take care of us. I have read this nice poem several times and thank you for sharing this beauty of motherhood....10/10

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Thank you so much having taken the time and care to note here as follows as we all can read now. Thank you for your attentive gesture as to let me know. Thank you for your precise add. God be with you always and His Abundant Blessings upon you. Amen, Evangelist and Poetess Sylvia FC

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Jazib Kamalvi 15 May 2017

A good image of hot weather. Thanks

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I have moved this poem No Time Like The Present to another place. BUT this is the COMMENT, thank you for reading, Jazib

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Bhargabi Dei Mahakul 15 May 2017

The hotter day has brought hope for cooler time in life. The rain comes from above with roars of clouds and sparking of light. Such a hotter day scribbles mind. In this desert's temperature you feel coldest moment and calmness around mind and spirit. There is no chance of stop loving. The one and only you love in life is your first love. He is God only. This is nice declaration that you will never stop loving our beloved God. Again this is an excellent poem and rating 10 for this.

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Yes, indeed, thank you for reading and your feedback. Thank you so much. This is also for the comment for No Tuime Like The Present.

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