Mysterious Black Box Poem by Richard Wlodarski

Mysterious Black Box

Rating: 5.0

Aliens have found their way
Into my compelling dreams
They don't look like in movies
They don't sound like Mork from Ork
They don't talk using their voice
But they're communicating
And not just through intriguing dreams
Their method of choice: Black Box

They're targeting Poem Hunter
And yes, I know this to be true
Because I'm seeing the Black Box
Which isn't visible to all
Kim hasn't yet encountered it
Guess his humour has somehow jammed it

Kim, you are coming through loud and clear

Thursday, May 12, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: aliens
The Black Box is really there. The aliens, and any other characters, are fabrics of others and mine imagination. Thanks, Bri for the inspiration!
Belle Wassermeister 12 May 2022

Great poem, Richard! Made me think of the old movie The Body Snatchers. If you've never watched it, you should.

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M. Asim Nehal 13 May 2022

Attack and counter-attack, Attack and defense, Attack and Non-Violence these are the available tools yet we poets are smart enough to deal with it in our own satirical and humorous ways, Isn't it. Thoughtful poem deserving full 5*****

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So very true, Dr. Nehal. Love your thoughtful response! And the high score.

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Richard Wlodarski 12 May 2022

Dillip, sincere thx for adding my poem to your favourites.

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Kim Barney 12 May 2022

Two stars for your poem, Richard, because you have my name in it twice. Ha! Just kidding! Five stars all the way!

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Thanks so much, Kim. This one was fun to write.

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Belle Wassermeister 12 May 2022

The movie I had in mind was made in the 1950's and a remake was made in the 1970's or 1980's and had Jeff Goldblum in it. Plant-like pods would make duplicates of people while they slept. What was the name of that movie?

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Kim Barney 12 May 2022

The move was INVASION of the Body Snatchers,1956. The remake was in 1978. I have seen both. Don't remember which one I liked better.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956: 98% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes & 1978: 92% Rating. Belle, I've seen both movies. Loved them both! And to this day, I still have nightmares just thinking about them.

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Belle Wassermeister 12 May 2022

The movie I mentioned in my other comment is not the one I had in mind at all. 'The Body Snatcher' is a 1945 movie with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.

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