Necessity Of Irrelevance Poem by Dr subhendu kar

Necessity Of Irrelevance

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yet world sways by sweet breaths
glimpse of truth douses in undertone
some are sung by our own melody
some are yet unsung by the reality,

still there are what we don’t sing
by sacred will of swearing mists
and we do accord implicit of art
until blood flows in deep red,

breath comes out enlightening soul
genesis of newness adheres to world, .
that is what our quest eternal onward
seemingly resonant being riffled in blue

furrows and cliffs of borrowed time
seal off unspecified quantum of legacy
to posterity for records in history
we need to recall those miffed voices

haunted breaths somersault in us,
do we ever forsake those unknowables?
keeping shadow of inevitability betiding
by the necessity own reeks of irrelevance.

Dr Kamran Haider 29 September 2009

From title to the end.. just one word... Wow... Not saying it as people usually say on PH for every write... :) But if you deeply read each line and think, and rethink, try to grasp the whole of it, try to read what is in your mind; what you exactly mean... it's amazing stuff... my mind first getting vagabond then catching your rhythm... and in the end haunted breaths somersault in us, do we ever forsake those unknowables? keeping shadow of inevitability betiding by the necessity own reeks of irrelevance. Dr Kar... the thing which is relevant to me might be irrelevant to you... We humans are made up on the basis of similarity yet diversity... still I feel like this world should ponder now, what is relevant and what is not... We got to think... And you made me think and this is the best quality of a great Poet, if he/she can make you think... God bless you Kamran

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Lynda Robson 02 October 2009

A very thought-provoking write, held my attention throughout, well penned 10 Lynda xx

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Munia Khan 05 October 2009

The necessity is so necessary you showed it all through your writing...Beautiful.10=

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Miriam Maia Padua 07 October 2009

another astonishing ideas being shared.... deep thoughts flowing in this write...interesting with very deep poetic usual.. only you is the master of this kind of write... sends us a message of truth... on things uncertain in this world we cant have all we wanted to have... we cant do all we wanted to do... sometimes one has to sulk and depart... with own reason....logical or mysterious its part of life.. with very deep poetic usual.. u shared with us a very significant piece painting a picture with your deep words yet it brings out a vivid picture of the message you want to portray... thanks for sharing 10++++ Lovelots, Maia

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Marcella D 08 October 2009

very creative and imagitive

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Dr.subhendu Kar 29 November 2009

From : Ema B (sydney Australia; Female; 13) To : Dr.subhendu Kar Date Time : 11/29/2009 3: 31: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject : Re: hello, Dear fellow poet your poems were wonderful you are very talented I enjoyed reading your other poems to. I look up to you. Thank you.

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Caitlyn Salters 04 November 2009

this is a good poem. <3 Caitlyn

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Krystal Brown 26 October 2009

Your poem is very strong and true i agree with it and its a very well written logic poem very well done

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Shamik Kumar Bose 20 October 2009

Dr Kar, I read and read this with a haunted breath, seemingly lost in the ocean of ideas and ethereal feelings. A master piece.

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Jimmy Reed 18 October 2009

a remarkable logic...with powerful virtues...............10

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Dr subhendu kar

Dr subhendu kar

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