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Never Give Up

Never give up, no matter what's going on in our lives
Remain steadfast and persevere
Just hang on there, you and me
Our faith must never waver
On our knees, the only weapon..

I know..I've been there...not once but twice..

Patrick A. Martin 12 October 2009

May the new dawn bring bring sunshine into your day Meggie-Thanks for this.

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Ravi A 12 October 2009

A poem showing the positive spirit of life. Yes, we need poems of this kind.

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thanks for this poem meggie...meant a lot to me

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~ Jon London ~ 11 October 2009

Meggie my dear friend, I've forgotten how many times I've been through this myself, the struggle - One you really believe things couldn't get a worse...When times become to clouded...that you can't think straight...you just feel like throwing the towel in....but one thing I know, Is that when I looked to-wards the heavens..my eyes closed praying for guidance....It was then that I found my reasons to carry on.....I'm so glad I found my faith......I wouldn't have made it to this day, If I hadn't. Thank you for sharing this poetic medicine with us....There's strength in your words dear friend...10+++ God bless you always your friend Jon

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David Harris 11 October 2009

Lil sis, I gave up once but was brought back to awaken my dreams by a mutual friend of ours whom I met earlier this year. A wonderful woman whom I care a lot about and plan to see again next year. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. Hugs Big Bro

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Smiley Hooker 23 October 2009

The strength and courage within you spells inspiration, dear! Thank you for sharing this beautiful write! God be with us always... :)

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Kesav Easwaran 20 October 2009

positive...motivational...assuring...good little poem...a lot it means...10

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C. P. Sharma 16 October 2009

Power packed poem......eloquent words. CP

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Irene Clark-hogg 16 October 2009

'Never give up' They are wonderful words. May you always have the inner strength to battle on when life is a struggle. Irene *hug*

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Once again the power of your words are so inspirational to me and when I think things are getting harder, I always think of you and your faith that hangs in there no matter what. I know you help the needy when you have needs of your own, but you always get through the clouds to the sunshine in your heart. God bless you Meggie..... love Karin

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