Never Try To... Poem by Neela Nath Das

Never Try To...

Rating: 4.4

Never try to mirror,
My image thru your
Words and face!
I know how to kindle,
The light by god's grace!
Demeaning me you,
Can not seize my heaven,
With your hellish
Blue devil mind!
Rather getting into,
Your separate domain,
I'll hug death,
Leaving my life behind!


Eloquent versing, Nil...Has a prosaic smack to it, amd i'm likin' it fine...~FjR~

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Captain Cur 08 July 2012

The ending what a close. Liked blue devil mind but will admit, not sure of it's symbolism. Strong poem.

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Shouvik Roy 08 July 2012

i like the ending, the expression of anger and despair is crisp clear.. :)

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Swetha Vanakayalapati 08 July 2012

as if an answer to a question you opened lines, entire poem briefly it meant like you're shielding a weapon! !

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Kamal N. Baruah 08 July 2012

Its wonderful..but so much hatred...

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Unnikrishnan E S 04 February 2022

A powerful emotional outburst…..

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Unnikrishnan E S 04 February 2022

Hate can not be won over by hate. While vileness should be riled, the vile need to be won over by love, I believe.

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Mountain Man 30 August 2016

Never try something unknown. To venture is gain.

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Edward Kofi Louis 26 March 2016

To kindle the muse of life. Thanks for sharing.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 07 November 2014

Very powerful emotional write..I'll hug death, Leaving my life behind! bold is always gold..thank you

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