No Badges Poem by Mary Spain

No Badges

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You wear your badges with such pride and I
Admire you unreservedly. I share
Your consternation and concern. I care
About the principles you're standing by,
The causes you uphold so well. So why
This caution, this reluctance to declare
Myself as one committed, and to wear
Those badges that the dedicated buy?
Am I a coward, skulking down the way
Of non-alignment, weak when you are strong?
Perhaps; but in my heart I'd rather stay
Where questions lie unanswered. I belong
Where I must argue with myself each day
This possibility: I might be wrong.

Joseph Daly 14 August 2006

Personally I identify with the narrative of this, having been a political animal in the 70s and 80s (when these things mattered) . I love the shift from self to person in this, you introduce it so subtly.

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Glen Kappy 08 August 2018

wow! again a good sonnet. and what you say here particularly strikes with me. one of the reasons is that i was born, so it seems, with a confidence that i was right. but with age (i'm now seventy) i can smile at this youthful surety and am much more cautious in my assertions. i also relate this to my feelings these days about protest/activism. -glen

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Ashraful Musaddeq 22 May 2009

Thoughts provoking witty composition. Love it.

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Philip Kirkland 07 October 2008

Well thought out sentiments, well written from a dying breed of rhyming poets. Thanks for sharing.

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Chitra - 10 July 2008

thought provoking inspiring write

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Bill Thomas 20 February 2008

This works very well: it mirrors my own journey, for sure, & that of others I know, & once more appears effortless, showing how much effort you've put into the crafting. Thank you.

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