No Star I Can See Poem by Neela Nath Das

No Star I Can See

Rating: 4.3

There is no star,
Which I can see
From my window...
Boundless darkness
Is here in the
Chest of night.
The painted sky,
I saw in the daylight
Now is wiped away
As my last poem
I wrote but made
it vanish from
The page, because
It couldn't tell
The blank story,
Of my desolate star
Still is visible
From this window..
Someone has spread
The melted pitch
On the road of my
Moped sky..I stare
And stare all night.
The caged breeze,
The starless sky
And night, none can share
My loneliness, I know
They are no living
Persons like me...
But, they can drown me
In complete void of
Sea of utter darkness.
One star can do this;
Only one star......
Thru my little window,
It's flickering light,
Can fill my dark room,
With its heavenly touch!

Connor Whyte 01 July 2012

Very impressive beauty in stars can express many things I see in stars as a new world a light that can guide our ways.

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Wahab Abdul 01 July 2012

love this one , very emotional ant touching,

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Theo Williams 01 July 2012

Well written! I like the hope/light at the end. Very nice. Thanks for recommending. Williams, T.

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Shouvik Roy 01 July 2012

there is darkness in the beginning and light at the end, thats the job of an artist, to find a solution, lovely..liked it..loved it...: :)

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Valerie Dohren 01 July 2012

Beautiful poem, good imagery of loneliness.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 04 February 2022

Moped sky..I stare And stare all night. The caged breeze, The starless sky And night, none can share My loneliness....magnificent poetic expression. A wonderful score.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 11 November 2015

In boundless darkness still I do not able to see stars around me through window. Still I hope to fill darkness with bright stars. Very interesting imagery is drawn definitely. Nice sharing.....10

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Ken E Hall 19 August 2014

That star was the light at the end of a dark day sadness with gladness great to read...regards

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Babatunde Aremu 11 July 2012

Great poem. One STAR that can actually do it is GOD. Hold on to His garment

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Captain Cur 04 July 2012

Brilliant, touching, sad and mortal. A wonderful write. I hope you find your star!

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