Numbers Do Not Lie Poem by Jim Yerman

Numbers Do Not Lie

I’m no mathematician...I don’t know Pythagoras’s theorem from that simple ratio Pi
But after spending a few days with the grandchildren I know numbers do not lie.

Yes numbers play an important role as we travel down life’s path
So with my apologies to Isaac Newton...I’ll try my hand at math.

I’ll begin with simple counting meant to entertain if not amaze
1 Spring Break brought 2 grandchildren to spend 3 nights and 4 days.

From here the numbers fly at random...I’ll just add them to the mix
7 games of Candyland played, how could 1 grandchild have won 6?

It’s amazing how 1 golf cart can make a family feel
10 times we drove all over town and 12 hands held the wheel.

1 breakfast at McDonalds so our 2 other grandchildren we could see
But after spending part of the day 1 had to work, that left us, then, with 3

5 people helped 1 grandchild with his Hieroglyphics project...countless seeds of knowledge sown
When we made 2 sheets of papyrus,4 cartouches and 1 Rosetta stone.

8 pairs of shoes all over the house...3 trips to the grocery store
2 loaves of bread and 3 quarts of milk...3 new heights recorded on 1 old door.

3 nights ending with 3 different movies...a wonderful nightcap
When 1 grandchild fell asleep...1 time on my shoulder, and 2 times on my lap.

1 cookout with 8 hot dogs spread out on coals that had been leveled.
5 places set at 1 picnic table and 12 eggs that were deviled.

2 sewing projects completed 3 fish painted- lots of colors, nothing gray
40 pieces of monkey bread and 6 donuts devoured in 1 day.

2 new card games learned...10 marshmallows would be all that we require
To make 5 perfect s’mores by 1 crackling campfire.

I’ll leave you with 2 final numbers..I beg you...please don’t mock
2 contented grandparents who fell asleep by 8 o’clock

Now that the final calculations are in it’s easy to see why
We had a wonderful 3 nights and 4 days, after all...the numbers do not lie.

John Brown 31 March 2014

Super poem. I like it.

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Colleen Courtney 29 March 2014

This is absolutely so great! You might've actually just made me a fan of math! ! ! Such a great job with this! Love it!

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