Ode To Jenna

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One day a goddess on high,
took the form of a dancing nymph
and came to Earth.
The spirit of joy and fun,
she came to share,
to fill mere mortals with delight.
To see her au natural
is to see scrumptious personified.
Her face beams,
her eyes sparkle,
and her smile is warm and inviting.
Dark and soft, her mane
flows long down her back.
Her body excites ones passions,
with curves that are delicious,
and lines that are timelessly feminine.
Her breasts,
perfect in their shape and size,
look sweet, full,
and enticing.
Nipples like ripe cherries,
crown her womanly treasures,
cherries no tree could ever grow.
Her torso,
frames a navel,
that punctuates the cutest little belly.
(Kissing that belly must be nirvana.)
When she spins around,
a bottom round and smooth is revealed,
marvelous spheres without flaw.
Her legs like classic columns,
must by a master
have been carved.
Who's fingers would not ache
to trace these limbs so fine,
to luxuriate in the feel of flesh so soft?
Follow these to a valley of delight,
where a garden lush with perfume
holds the gate to a palace divine.
She is a nymph that is erotic from head to toe:
anyone who thinks oral sex is an unnatural act
has never seen Jenna in the nude.

Her effervescence,
her charisma,
her inner happiness,
enthrall and enrapture.

I want to inhale her feminine perfume,
I want to feel her thighs squeezing my face,
I want to taste her soft sweet flesh,
I want to kiss her where she's tangy,
I want to drink juices from the wellhead of her womb,
For there can not be a sweeter spring on Earth.
In a garden lush with perfume
Fragrance that makes a man euphoric


Almedia Knight-Oliver 16 August 2009

After reading this poem my third time, I added it to my favorites...

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 16 August 2009

I truly find this poem delightful and beautiful! Too often, females are not spoken of in such sensual terms. Your descriptions presents an images that beautifies a woman's body that should fill any woman with delight to know that men see us as beautiful goddesses and treat us with tender loving care-for we are the 'life' of your love as well as the 'love' of you lives. Does it take only a poet to discover a female's treasure? Well Steve your poem speaks the beautiful words most women wants-and need to know-I believe. This poem I give-without reservation-a 10++++++ I could go on, on, on but, I'd better stop before, I get my old behind in trouble.ha ha

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Kasey Graham 25 June 2010

You have artfully combined the arousal of erotica, and the sensuality and subtlety of poetry. This poem lives and breathes as we try with all our might to hold in our mind's eye, this vision of loveliness and desire. And, honestly, as some of us strive to imagine ourselves so cherished and adored.

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Gershon Hepner 27 August 2009

bravo for the poem and bravo for jenna. Luscious poem, lovely woman! Gershon

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Chloe Young 24 August 2009

i think this poem is amazing! very pasionate and the language and metaphors are so original and open. love love loveee it. <3 10

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 17 August 2009

'wellhead of your womb' I like the freshness of perception and vivid images here. The last two lines is an addition to previous olfaction lines all leading to 'nirvana'. Thanks for your comments on 'Evening's Solitude'

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Claude H Oliver Ii 16 August 2009

Worshipful and wonderful.

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