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This I Believe (My 1st Tib Essay)

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I believe that ultimately the paradoxes of life make fools of us all. So, if we would be wise, we should study life’s paradoxes and confront our abject foolishness head on.

I’ve come to see that the ultimate source of all human anguish is that we are finite beings sentient of infinity. I’m an egocentric spec at the center of totality. My personal existence is forged by the cosmic chain of events, and all I can do is go along for the ride.

I believe every person, at some point faces a decision as to what to do with their life. They are either to do something with their life or to do nothing with their life. I fear that too many of my brethren opt to do the latter, and too few to do the former. I believe life ought not be squandered; no one should let it slip through their fingers like so much sand, even as they desperately grasp at every grain in an effort to hold on to it forever.

I believe one should not overlook the truth that can lie at the heart of a cliché. Life is not a dress rehearsal… it is a journey, not a destination…and you really only go around once. One would be wise to quit snickering about these facts and take heed of their message.

Accordingly, I believe that one ought to live their life in such a way as to maximize its total experience. No person ought to waste that one life that they have to live. No one should, at the end of their days, look back with regret on all that they never did: the beauties they did not see, the music they did not hear, the flavors they did not taste, the aromas they did not inhale, the sensations they did not feel. Never forget that the next second is guaranteed to no one: life can end without warning in an instant.

I believe we are all very much the same and yet everyone is unique. I believe this is the most important thing to keep in mind. My enemy would not be my enemy if I knew what he knows, and if he knew what I know. So the great tragedy is that we don’t know the other as well as we ought to before we have to act.

I believe the only immorality is doing to another that which we would not have done to ourselves. And the only evil is taking pleasure in doing the immoral. It falls to the enlightened, and the intelligent and the sane to take responsibility for the deluded or doltish or insane.

I’ve come to believe that the secret of living life is to strike a balance between being happy with what I have while striving to make things better. I set my heading by my passions, but let my intellect steer my ship. I believe the circle of human life consists of aspiration, actualization, attainment, and appreciation.

All this I believe, and so much more…

Georgia Girl 24 August 2009

This is FANTASTIC and I agree but you have to admit there is poetic beauty in the has beens of life :)

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Kasey Graham 26 June 2010

This was your most powerful piece thus far. Amazing prose, well written. I love this piece. Your talent for words is clear in this piece.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 03 September 2009

I like the philosopy of life that you believe. 'I believe that one ought to live their life in such a way as to maximize its total experience' I agree with this: 'no person ought to waste the one life they have to live with regrets they there were flavors they didn't taste, aromas they didn't inhale, and sensations they did not feel.. Good write and thought-provoking, too. I rate what you believe a 10

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Nashy Lamen 28 August 2009

Beautiful write.. I have been captivated by how you express your thoughts on life.. How we waste opportunities and how we live it.. It is very persuasive and deep.. Nice choice of words... Keep it up!

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Julia Pascual 28 August 2009

A very very fascinating write.. if only all people believe in what you believe... then there would be no problems at all... i like the way you make others see the beauty in life... great write... again.. =)

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Sue S. 24 August 2009

I set my heading by my passions, but let my intellect steer my ship. Wow - that's one line I wished I had written! !

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