Old Feelings Poem by Sandra Fowler

Old Feelings

Rating: 5.0

The moment was too intimate to keep.
We had to make a compromise with dusk
To keep the blue from entering our bones.
The shadow of old feelings held us fast.

I think some things should never have been said
Over those cups of coffee that we shared.
The warmth of smoke brought all the longing back
To drink the landscape in each other's eyes.

Andrew mark Wilkinson 04 April 2007

Heres to old feelings... another beautiful poem... Sandra 10

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R H 09 December 2006

Intimate and evocative...not a word wasted. Justine

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Brian Dorn 08 December 2006

Drink up, Sandra.. to old feelings! Great write! ! Brian

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Jolanta Gradowicz 08 May 2006

Hello, Sandra! This poem takes my breath away. It's really wonderful.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 23 March 2006

wow, sandra this is really a powerful poem. i wish i have written it. cheers.

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Raj Nandy 16 August 2009

The poem creates nostalgic feelings in me! I would like to qote from Shelley's 'Skylark'; - 'We look before and after, And pine for what is not, Our sincerest laughter, - With some pain is fraught, Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddeast thoughts ' For your poem 10+ -Raj Nandy

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Shashendra Amalshan 10 July 2009

'The warmth of smoke brought all the longing back To drink the landscape in each other's eyes' i liked these expressions! ! ! ma'am! ! ! nice indeed... i really felt these lines..thanks for this one! ! ! with lots of love shan.

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a warm poem carried scent of old days which filled by the coffee taste...loved it ..10++++..

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premji premji 20 May 2009

feel the warmth of breathe........ a butterfly flutter within..........

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Bill Grace 17 October 2007

Such beauty in a poem! Bill Grace

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Sandra Fowler

Sandra Fowler

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