Old News Poem by Sandra Fowler

Old News

Rating: 4.9

Time over Tuesday, August almost gone,
So little left of summer to dream on.
I write a poem on the windowglass.
Quatrains waver like shadows in the grass.

One feels as if all life is lost in form.
Only sun's metaphor can keep us warm.
A lone, nostalgic whistle in the hills,
Tells me our train has come, the moment chills.

You turn my collar up against the sound.
Gray smoke configures good-bye on the ground.
The picture is too beautiful to lose
Your eyes tell me that Tuesday is old news.

Copyright,2007, Sandra Fowler

Robert Howard 18 August 2007

This has a mood that strikes me as both intimate and timeless. Very wistful and meticulously crafted.

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Dion Barker 17 August 2007

10 / 10 lovley poem sandre i wish i could have some of your talent.... love abi.

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R H 16 August 2007

A wonderfully lyrical poem that stirs the senses each in turn. Your observations on the passing of time are so beautifully captured.Justine.

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Marvin Brato 14 August 2007

Great poem Sandra.... full of senses in life's panorama! Thanks for bringing joy. Regards.

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Nicola Burkett 13 August 2007

Fantastic write, as ever Misss Fowler.. It pains me that summer has almost gone. But i smile again knowing that firey autumn is almost here. Hugs Nix xxx

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Dr Dillip K Swain 22 October 2022

A lone, nostalgic whistle in the hills, Tells me our train has come, the moment chills...great expression dear Sandra. It's a brilliant poem.

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Sonya Florentino 25 February 2009

tender, heartbreaking.... almost cinematic

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Tom J. Mariani 07 November 2007

I'm putting this one right next to one of Emily Dickinson's epigrams. 'What Miracles the News is! Not Bismark but ourselves.'

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Bill Grace 11 September 2007

It elicits a gentle chuckle from me that I do not understand but enjoy. Bill Grace

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Melvina Germain 24 August 2007

I'm a little late finding this one Sandra, it's all been said. I'll add you are an exceptional poet and I enjoy your work. Thanks for the wonderful read Sandra. --Melvina--

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