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Old Man In The Rain

Rating: 5.0

In the middle of my walk this morning…as my health I try to maintain…I was greeted from the heavens…with an unexpected rain.

It's funny how it works…as the first raindrops and you collide…you immediately look around…for a safe, dry place to hide.

But I walk through old neighborhoods…and I didn't think it bright…to hide on a strangers porch…while still blanketed by the night.

Which left me only one option…given the circumstances my reasoning was sane…if I didn't want to get arrested…I'd have to give in to the rain.

And so I did and as I watched the raindrops upon my body find their way…all my apprehension about getting wet…miraculously faded away.

There was a rhythm to the rain…I could hear it…I could feel it in my feet…and before I knew it…there I was…dancing in the street.
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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 July 2021

5 Stars full for this enoyable poem, most hilarious, but brilliantly worded.Enjoyed so much!

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Unnikrishnan E S 25 July 2021

Enjoyed reading.Full score. Onto myfav

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Unnikrishnan E S 25 July 2021

Lovely poem. A convincing story about the "old man" (which I am too) dancing in the rain. I too want to get drenched and dance in the rain. ce

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Enjoyed reading your poem - 5 stars

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Thank you for your wonderful poetry!

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