Ominous Silence Poem by Valsa George

Ominous Silence

Rating: 4.9

Earth got suddenly denuded of all life
With a morose dullness so rife
A tint of grayness crept over heaven's vault
All movements came to a freezing halt

The wall clock didn't toll the midday hour
The babies no more blabbered but did glower
The hen didn't cackle after laying the egg
The earth for some mercy seemed to beg

The birds didn't twitter
The leaves didn't flutter
No music came out from the fiddle
The telephone sat silent on its cradle

Nature seemed to have lost half its mirth
A mournful silence overpowered the earth
But shattering the ominous silence
Gun shots were heard at a distance

The siren screamed long and loud
Announcing curfew on unsuspecting ears wild
Behind the façade of a deceptive calm
No one suspected the threat of a fierce storm

Oh Nature, who on Earth can your dumb presages read!

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: War
Roseann Shawiak 03 August 2014

Fantastic poem, Valsa, I love the calm before the storm! It's stillness is intense, it touches the soul directly. Even violence cannot disturb nature's serenity or be tamed by it. It even outlasts the terror of man's gun fire. Very great imagery, Valsa, my mind can see vividly, all that you have described in your poem. Thank you, RoseAnn

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Luana Del Lobo 03 August 2014

Amazing! Absolutely loved it! The more we try to tame nature the more we realize its complexity and how difficult and almost impossible that task is! Lovely written!

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Piyush Dey 30 July 2014

very nicely written poem. explains the irony which life has. i appreciate this wonderful piece.

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Saadat Tahir 29 July 2014

Ah... the lull before the storm! nicely rhymed, well balanced and well worded. the poem builds to a palpable crescendo and then the short sharp catharsis. masterly build up of tension, like a trigger on hair hold. People from the subcontinent know it all too well.... it is the monsoon season known for its many theatrics and dramatics lovely write. bravo

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Paul Sebastian 28 July 2014

Before a raging storm there's an ominous silence, be it natural or facing life's storms. Unsettling peace in that silence. Discerning. Great write.

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Akhtar Jawad 19 August 2014

A great imagination, a valuable message, a lovely write from Valsa the great.

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Khalida Bano Ali 19 August 2014

Your message reached to your readers, the helpless readers, but the leaders don't care, the selfish and heartless leaders.

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 07 August 2014

It is a beautiful expression of feelings against the unjust activities going on in the world and the war zone are that I understands and concerns expressed are great.

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Amitava Sur 07 August 2014

Reading this poem I truly can feel an ominous silence all around me hinting a virulent storm. The way all unjust are occurring all round the earth, that ensures a menacing storm. I can hear an alerting bell through this lovely poem's voice.

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Daniel Brick 05 August 2014

I wasn't prepared for the full force of this poem. It is very powerful and moves with inexorable intensity. I had just read your FAIRIES poem, and I think there was fairy magic occluded my vision. I didn't realize that farewell to childhood beliefs had actually revived them in me on an unconscious level. And I quoted Ingeborg Bachmann's poem there. It actually belongs on this page. Your eloquent words are having surprising effects tonight!

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