On The Rails Poem by Ernestine Northover

On The Rails

Rating: 4.9

Phew! This department if so unbearably stifling,
The whole populace is frantically rifling,
Through loads of clothes, hanging up for inspection,
Either for your acceptance, or for your rejection,
On the rails,
At the Sales!

The available sizes left, are eight's and eighteen's,
In shirts, blouses, jumpers and denim blue jeans,
Bra cups in E's and F's and G's.
Skirts so short, they ride way above the knees,
What sort of 'shapes' are these stores expecting,
What choice, have we, when it comes to selecting,
From the rails,
At the Sales!

It's a manic crush, and there's really no mistaking,
Fighting over, items' that aren't worth the taking,
Like that half price dress, that was less than you thought,
But that someone else has just grabbed and has bought,
So quick, and you being just a little bit too slack,
You have lost it, and it won't now be yours, with diamante in black,
Off the rails,
At the Sales!

Oh! It's a battle, and such a mad struggle to survive,
And in the end, it takes so many hours to revive,
Your senses, and days like this one can be so tiring,
When buying these bargains, which you have stood there admiring,
Hung on rails,
At the Sales!

© Ernestine Northover

Max Reif 23 October 2005

Dear Ernestine, I think you catch many of the aspects of such a sale. And I like your form, with the short, rhyming 'trailer lines', that does it too, mimics the frantic atmosphere of a sale, somehow! You have the jargon that puts me right there. A few of the rhymes, like 'acceptance' and 'rejection', seemed a little too easy, and a skirt 'way above the knee' gives you the rhyme, but I think doesn't do justice these days to skirts that are only slightly below the ____! : -)

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David Nelson Bradsher 23 October 2005

What a wonderful journey this one takes the reader on, Ernestine. My favorite of yours thus far.

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Emily Henson 16 August 2008

Very true. It seems at sales people bu stuff just so other people wont...CRAZY

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Duncan Wyllie 09 May 2006

The changing shapes of our expectations on how we think we should look, ERNESTINE, THE SHAPE OF YOUR WORDS IS ALL THAT TRULY MATTERS AND YOUR WORDS ARE IN GOOD FORM. Love Duncan

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Linda Hepner 27 October 2005

Sales drive me right off the rails, Ernestine! I do like your energy and humor, and the refrain! Linda

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Uriah Hamilton 24 October 2005

I hate shopping but this is a fun cool poem!

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Raynette Eitel 23 October 2005

Ernestine, there's hardly a woman alive who won't identify with this, and it appears a few men just love the way it is written! Nice poem. Raynette

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