One More Day With You Poem by Thomas Viruvelil

One More Day With You

Rating: 5.0

Like a man sentenced to death
I count each day as if it is precious
It is a real pity
you cannot extract even a bit of love for me
Had I been the richest man in the world
I would have traded all my riches for your love for even a minute
Even this friendship is more than I can ever dream of
I think I dont even deserve this.
May be in another birth if I can negotiate with God
(I told him several times earlier I dont need another birth)
I can beg for a life with smi.
I cherish those moments when I sit near you
like a school boy looking at teacher
and I take each moment I spent with you
each word you told to me
again and again
from my memory
like a small child looking at shells collected from sea shore.
I get delighted seeing those shells of
sweet memory!
I would like to have maximum time with you by your side
because I know I dont have much for me.
But these moments I got with you and whatever I may get from you
I will keep in my inner heart to
again and again remember in my mind
till death come for me like a
I really think you are not at all underweight
You seem to be perfect for me.
I dont know why your mom has to
fatten you like a
sacrificial lamb.
I know you must be feeling uncomfortable reading these
and I do not know whether you will curse for the folly of showing it to you
Like you cutting off calling me
You can tell me not to show these
writings of a mad man
But I still write these
for me to read again and again
when you get your freedom and happiness
to fly away from me
leaving me
in bare earth with eyes
not having enough strength
even to cry.

Angelique' Rockwell 23 January 2012

very sad tommy, I hope things are better now....

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Mary Nagy 10 September 2005

The true passion you express for Smi is so incredible. I hope you are together. Sincerely, Mary

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Sallie Howson 10 September 2005

how sad..lovely poem

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Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil

Cochin, Kerala state, India
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