One Liners 101-110 (Musings) Poem by Indira Renganathan

One Liners 101-110 (Musings)

Rating: 5.0

101. Rejection should not cause dejection as sometimes rejection is causeless too

102. A promised promise helps the promised person feel a promising support

103.Life is turbid by nature..fight against its mire depths..a lotus will bloom

104.Flying too high in the skies is eagle like..reaching the moon is manlike

105.'shame, shame, puppy shame' mocked the animals at a man in the woods..why?

106.Imagine, sailing the crescent moon singing 'life's but a dream'

107.Angry son or daughter when sets you on the pyre of words..pregnancy, labour is all nothing

108.When mummy and Nimmy are fighting Jimmy barks in rhyme....a kid's nursery rhyme

109.All other animals can not do a catwalk..only a fashion model-girl can do a cat walk

110.Suicide sometimes stands on a bucket


When mummy and Nimmy are fighting Jimmy barks in rhyme...It could be a kid's nursery rhyme, but it surely is a fine rhythm that attracts. I love this line particularly though all have their meaning in tact. Indira Ma'm...... a full score!

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Aniruddha Pathak 11 July 2019

I especially liked #103,104,105 (is it because he was all dressed up?) ,109 (I think a cat walks far more gracefully) ...

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Yes Aniruddha, you are right.It is because he was all dressed up and I do agree that a cat's walk is beautifully natural and not an imitated one. Thanks for your comment

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Kumarmani Mahakul 10 July 2019

From 101 to 110, all lines are much interesting and captivating. Beautiful poem is so amazingly shared. Thanks for sharing.

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