Only Your Love Can Heal Me Poem by Bonnie Harding

Only Your Love Can Heal Me

I think something died deep inside of me,
and I'm not sure what the hell I should do.
Confusing emotions cloud my thoughts
knowing I lost a special part of you.

My mind throws pictures up at me
So vivid and so damn hard to erase.
the pain it causes is so sharp and strong,
because I know I am easy to replace.

So stupid and wrong I was to even think
that my heart was a strong enough token,
that I could keep your love all to myself
and our bond was too strong to be broken.

When we're together now it's different,
But it gives me hope and eases the pain.
Then when you leave and I'm all alone
My doubts and fears drive me insane.

It's so confusing and crazy but I know
that I'd sell my soul for what use to be.
They say that time can heal all wounds
But I'm not sure if anything can heal me....

Ying Escalona 01 December 2009

your feelings and Kristen's is mutual :) the healing process is about to start.

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Kristen Burbella 01 December 2009

I know all too well how this feels

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