Only Yours Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

Only Yours

Rating: 4.2

If I could be only yours
I'd take you to a place
Where we could be alone
In this place the stars
Would only shine for you
The wind will whisper
Your name with ever soft blow
The moon will be full shineing
A pale lite gental glow
On your beautiful face
In this speacial place
We lay on a grassy hill
Over looking a field of hugs
Blooming choclate kisses
To be only yours forever

Tai Chi Italy 26 June 2008

Mmmmm I have a sweet tooth and this is good to satisfy it One 4you! the odd typo in there, but who is counting with a poem of such wonderfully romantic style? Smiling at you, Tai

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Catherine Rica Cosico 26 June 2008

Very romantic indeed...If only? Thats the question but who knows the answer...Love it. Cate

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(: God's Wild Child :) 26 June 2008

aww so romantic. i wish more guys were more like you. lol. good job i like it.

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for some odd reason, everyone has different things to say about love, i want to take everyones words and put them together in a, good way to talk about love, very good emotion x3, mill

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*Trusting You* 02 January 2009

we all have are if only's in our life. this is great. good job. I'd take you to a place Where we could be alone In this place the stars Would only shine for you cute lines. Dream Maker

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**paris* forever forgotten** 12 December 2008

very nice. i want to comment on evry poem but i won't. bottom line is ur a great writer, ur words are wonderful and u should never stop! ! ! xoxo~paris~xoxo

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Stacey Watts 22 September 2008

It is so good that I am not the least bit of an emotional romantic person... This poem absolutley affects me not.. Who am I to coo over beautiful words of pure sentiment. Especially when knowing that I would never in a million years ever write anything sweet and endearing from my soul.. I guess I should just say great poem and move on.

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Krystal Alley 03 September 2008

i dont care what anybody says, this is a very nice poem...keep it up

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DELETED NOW 11 July 2008

very gively...I know I'd be happy just to have my bf next to me.

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