Ooops! Today Is Woman's Day. Olala! Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Ooops! Today Is Woman's Day. Olala!

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Oops, today is women's DAY

where do I get my verse?
where IS my poem now? !

Nowhere yet
yesterday evening
still a lot of work

now there is no wind for the epitaph

and my poem
'I Sleep In Darkness'
is chosen TODAY by PoemHunter and Team
how sweetest!
greatest surprise
for myself

just that I want to leave this site because of boringness,
now I can not resist
to stay again
I feel the greatest glee
inside me

I don't keep arguing anymore,
with either two or all the more,
not even with those women
that I want to glorify on Women's DAY,
oops, that IS today!

from this place
my dearest place,
I say Thank you, dear Poem Hunter and Team,
today you are Top for me,
not me, myself on top 500,
because I am having fun right now,
no, not in the snow,
or with Vinhie who is chasing the croc and the mouse,
but with my beloved spouse....

© Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved
A.D. Women's Day
March 8,2021

Thank you so much for reading and responding, all best wishes sent with love, © Sylvia Frances Chan Woman's DAY Monday 8 March 2021 HISTOIRE de PARIS is my own photograph taken in Paris last Nov 2015
Varsha M 08 March 2021

Lovely lovely praise for women on women's day. So beautifully crafted and admirably presented. Sylvia please don't leave and go. I enjoy your poetry a lot. Congratulations for being chosen as poem of the day. Worthy poem.

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Deluke Muwanigwa 08 March 2021

Congratulations madam. Bravo.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 08 March 2021

So strange, I do not see the photo I uploaded here, taken by myself in Paris in NOVEMBER 2015, so odd

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