Ordinary Bad Actions Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Ordinary Bad Actions

I don't like to use the word, hate

Because I'm sure that this word won't be exist for a long time in future.

People will change, like me; we would understand the right meaning of us

There we would be ready to learn a new faith

That faith tell us how to love each other, how to be kind,

It will help us to kill our so much pride

It teaches us to live better, it teaches us to love better,

It will show us the true truth.

But this faith would do these things if we want it,

Otherwise………… with this faith we are like the dead beat

So what should we do to be better?

Or we better ask what can we do?

Not break a heart?

NO! That is ordinary!

Not killing a human?

NO! That is ordinary!

Not laugh at a person pain?

NO! That is ordinary!

Keep the hands of a human who is falling? Is THIS ORDINARY TOO?

NO! That is a new action, let's to do!

Unfortunately something are turning ordinary those they never have to be!

We better forget these painful actions from our ably!

Nader Baheri 20 April 2013

this poem really is showing a true truth`nb

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John Hayes 15 July 2012

I like this poem.So true!

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Captain Cur 15 July 2012

Loved the thought patterns behind this poem. Nicely written.

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Ellias Anderson Jr.

Ellias Anderson Jr.

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