Out On A Walk Poem by Susan Williams

Out On A Walk

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Out on a walk beside the wide and mighty Columbia River-
friendly hellos from fellow walkers, runners and bikers- -
speed boats weaving waves out of the river water-
fishing boats seeking salmon, steelhead and sturgeon-
one looked like a miniature version of the boat in Jaws- -
no fins slicing through the water though, (I checked) -
butterflies flitting about visiting flowers here and there-
ducks cruising the grass looking for people snacks-
geese gliding like royalty by the shore-
a gang of seagulls trying to mug picnickers-
music from a concert dancing on the breeze-
such a beautiful day and such a beautiful place to walk-
didn't get as far as I would have liked though-
the hip is being stiff and painful this morning-
so painful I woke up to the snow still falling
through the sub-freezing temperatures
and blocking the driveway and the front door so
I roll over and try to fall back
into the dream of summer walks by the river.
~~~~~~~~~~©2019 Susan Williams

Monday, February 11, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: dream,seasons,summer,winter
Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 21 March 2020

A dream of a summer walks by the river, so beautifully expressed by you, dear Poetess. I too, dream of walks along the river but as you have rightly pointed out, the hip and the legs begin to feel heavy with pain. Then, it is no more a dream walk. I loved the poem for its beauty of nature and honest flow of emotion....Thank you Susan, , , ,10

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Susan Williams 08 April 2020

Ah Geeta! ! Wouldn't i be wonderful if the world was safe again and we could meet and go for a walk and discuss poetry and people and all things good and wonderful! ! !

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Valsa George 15 March 2020

Till the end no one knew you were describing a dream. I thought you were on an evening walk to the river side. I have also been walking with you enjoying th fleet of speed boats and fishing boats, watching the ducks, geese and seagulls foraging food and enjoying the sight of butterflies flitting from flowers. Indeed a lovely walk. But at the end when you curled under the blanket to continue dreaming, I felt I have been fooled! However happy for the great feel you gave.10+++

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Susan Williams 16 March 2020

I did get tricky at the end but I thought it would give a bigger punch to the summer walk to have it contrasted with winter- -forgive me for the surprise but I think you enjoyed the walk anyway! ! ! !

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Soran M. H 03 February 2020

well done for this fantastic way of writing and art technique you have used it here: music from a concert dancing on the breeze- such a beautiful day and such a beautiful place to walk- then we get confused whether it was a dream or the reality within the dream when we come to the end: I roll over and try to fall back into the dream of summer walks by the river. 10+++thanks for sharing

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Susan Williams 16 March 2020

Nothing better on a cold winter's night than a dream of a warm summer walk - -unless it is a dream of a horseback ride... thank you for the 10 and the kind words

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Hazel Durham 04 August 2019

A wonderful write, beautifully written, you have created reality from a dream!

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Susan Williams 20 August 2019

What a beautifully expressed comment- that's cuz you're a beautiful poet! ! ! ! Thank you, my dear!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 March 2019

Ten out of ten for this poem.

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Susan Williams 06 April 2019

Thank you for the 10, dear friend, but thank you even more for reading and commenting.

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