Palmistry Poem by Ashraful Musaddeq


Rating: 5.0

Palmistry of life is zero

Let's read the calligraphy
Of transcended time…

Who is not a great fool?

Aijaz Asif 15 November 2009

lol... another nice write sarkar...but i'll be back to comment on it again... keep it up 10++++ rgds asif

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premji premji 13 November 2009

dear ashraf, your fate is written just on your right thumb... do you believe me? there lies the greatness of........................

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Tsira Goge 12 November 2009

Hi Ashraful, Very good... 10... All the best, Tsira

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Priyanka Bhowmick 09 November 2009

it's so gud to read ur work after such a long break... back with a bang! !

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Catrina Heart 09 November 2009

who is not a great fool? who is not a tool on this world? we are mere players of life's stage we are the pieces on Zeus' board game the calligraphy of transcended time its the monotonous account of you and mine believing beyond the stars call dreaming of fantasy, yet nightmare's fall we cherish great moments we hate bad omens why not take both care and learn the lessons of each stumbling fair! from there we'll know how to smile and be along with the glowing fire that puts the heart in His great name surrendering all to HIS open arms

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