Paradise On Earth Where We Live Poem by lily peace lago every by to ph

Paradise On Earth Where We Live

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And paradise on earth where we live.....

Faded face in rolling drops
swelled eyes in scary look
a piece of cloth on the bare body
and the pit stomach folded with hunger
a hell on earth where we live.....

Deserted we are none to hear
paradise of worms is the water we drink
a faraway dream in having staple food
a hell on earth where we live.....

Over the rat holes built canvas houses
glittering stars stay with us
sometimes moon lit rays passing in
and the sultry rays fry us alive
scales of skin and the pinching cool breeze
drops of rain entering the house
where sleeping snakes never bite
and the creatures of nature kind with us
a hell on earth where we live....

Ruined our hearts we are bodily slaves
voices are curbed and the shameless mouth wide open
for a piece of meal ever to live...
when living world forgotten us
the lost peace of life never again
a hell on earth where we live....

Yet, hard is our will ever die
our hearts alive to see the freedom of colour
a day will come when our flag fly high
and paradise on earth where we live...

(The sufferings of tamilians at Srilanka neither be assessed nor be counted, unfortunate on earth dedicated to them)

Eyan Desir 01 October 2009

So strong well written the emotions burst out of this poem

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Sandra Martyres 01 October 2009

A touching poem that brings to light the pathetic condition of the poor suffering souls - and the need to come to their aid...10+

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Ramesh T A 01 October 2009

A wonderful poem depicting the harsh reality of down trodden people for decades needing urgent relief without fail! Timely utterance may provoke necessary action I believe!

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