Perverse Poem by Jazlle D. H. **contentment is the key to happiness


Rating: 4.9

My heart tells me I like you
My mind says I'm not allowed to.
I know I can't have you, ,
How I wish that's not true.

I wish I could hold you forever!
And you'd stay with me to be near,
Feeling your presence beside me.
But I know this can not be.
Not for me.

A lot of people love.
And surround us.
They may become hurt,
By a careless act.
Have caused you pain...
I must stop myself caring.

One thing that I do,
Is think of those sweet memories left...
By you...
But I somehow must be stop,
To quit...
My perverse love.

27th of May 2008

Ency Bearis 02 July 2008

Why quit that stubborn love? If you love dearly it doesn't bother...just kidding.. nicely written verse...keep up your good work... Best Wishes, Ency Bearis

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A perverse love has the feeling of guilt with itself. Is there anything normal in love? Nothing. The true uncanny element is towards our intimate story. Some elements hurt us because we don't feel 'ours' themselves. If they really were ours, we'd accept them better. Though a little perverses.

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Allan James Saywell 06 July 2008

My kind of perverse seems different then yours but you would need a week with me to find out, however your poem is well constructed well written And suitable for children And that is importent especially on this site Regards AJS

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Tom Balch 24 August 2008

ARH! ! Leave it be, wise move.really great piece.

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Stacey Watts 21 August 2008

Oh how it hurts to love someone or fall in love with someone you can't be with. Very nicely written.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 08 July 2008

love yet seems wistful hiding the faith beneath the clouds heart still flows mind yet restrains the glow eyes when pierce the shadow of the intense befuddled, holding the the room of reason, excellent write,10*, thanks for sharing

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Marvin Brato 08 July 2008

I thought it was very sensuous poetry you wrote quoting the word perverse, but it was a lighter version of obsession about sensuality.... the lit of being in love like that of a teenage girl! Sweet romantic poem...I liked it! High marks.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 08 July 2008

Unless you have other ulterior motives? Perverse seems more 'obsessive'. I enjoy this. It adds another 'twist' to perversiveness.

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