Please Poem by Ernestine Northover


Rating: 5.0

Please tread softly as you pass my heart,
For wounded souls are sensitive to sorrow,
And need the solace of a peaceful calm,
To mend the grief and start a new tomorrow.

Please speak softly as you near my heart,
The beats unsteady still, the hurt remains,
And yet a voice that soothes, becomes a balm,
To clear the path, and break restricting chains.

Please touch softly as you take my heart,
Such trust will falter, should any harshness stain,
Yet as each day of care weaves like a charm,
Love comes anew, and thus there's no more pain.

© Ernestine Northover

David Darbyshire 26 December 2005

A lot of thought went into this one Ernestine, Very Nice dave xxxx

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Gillian.E. Shaw 26 December 2005

Spectacular verse about loss, suffering and renewal. Beautifully written conveying skill and grace. Perfection.

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Mary Nagy 26 December 2005

Ernestine this is so touching. Just wonderful! I wish everyone could read this......beautiful. Sincerely, Mary

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Andrew Blakemore 23 May 2009

Just beautiful Ernestine, it's right up there with the very best poems I've ever read. Love, Andrew xx

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Duncan Wyllie 09 May 2006

I will tread carefully when reading this so as not to break the something fragile and beautiful under my clumsy feet, love duncan

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Tallie Kane 18 January 2006

Tender, Subtle, Breathtaking I couldnt agree more with Slimboydim. The tone and dynamics of the poem are spot on, and conjure up that feeling when you first get into a relationship after youve become a war veteran of the previous ones, so soft and fragile. One of my favourites on this site from other poets xxx

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Slimboydim . 26 December 2005

Such a tender and sensitive poem. This is beautifully written and an absolute pleasure to read. I enjoyed your poem, thanks for sharing. Kindest Regards Slim. x.

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Jim Valero 26 December 2005

Very delicate poem, Ernestine, the lines speak softly like the speaker's sensible, delicate heart itself. Very good use of parallelism, since the parallel structures in the three stanzas give the poem a smooth flow & help to emphasize the repeated pleas of the speaker to her lover to 'tread, ' 'speak, ' & finally to 'touch' her heart. The poem sounds honest & sincere. It shows great sensibility & tenderness-a great capacity to give & trust. Very good work.

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