Alice In La La Land Poem by Bridgid Patrick

Alice In La La Land

Rating: 4.8

Ding dong the witch is dead
The wicked witch is dead.
Somebody filled her brains with lead
and now the wicked witch is dead.
Ding Dong the witch is dead
Dead from the lead buried deep in her head
Dorothy! Quick! Run! hide under the bed
For a beast roams the land and hes loaded with lead.
Mary Mary! Where have you been?
'I've been to the slaughterhouse to study the scene
I used to have a little lamb, my father shot it dead
It followed me to school one day
Between two chunks of bread.
I used to have a little clock
I swallowed it one day
So now i'm taking magic pills to pass the time away'.
Alice in wonderland sitting in a tree
How divine!
A caterpillar that speaks in rhyme
A bunny rabbit that can tell the time!
I wonder at this wonderland
Devoid of the influence of the hands of man
I look toward the sky so blue
And wonder if this is a dream or true
Ding Dong the witch is dead
The wicked witch is dead.

Ernestine Northover 08 November 2005

I like this Bridgid, it's got a lot going for it, takes me back to my childhood reading matter. Sincerely Ernestine

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Jerry Hughes 22 December 2005

News to me, Bridgid. Isn't Maggie Thatcher still alive? Cheers anyway, Jerry

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Graham Jones 31 January 2006

Very good Bridgid, I love the sort of stacato speed of it, it has pace and flow, and would raise a smile anywhere Regards Graham.

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Ivy Christou 02 February 2006

great poem, with a good flow and a pleasant and enjoyable content! well done! HBH

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Scarlett Treat 02 February 2006

This whole poem is so 'Alice In Wonderlandish, ' and 'Through the Looking Glass.' Topsey Turvey, upside down world and very funny. Linda

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Original Unknown Girl 11 April 2008

A clever tale, I enjoyed reading this, having found it in the forum. HG: -) xx

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Greenwolfe 1962 14 February 2008

The most important aspect of this, is the originality of the concept. Originality is on of the first things we lose as we get older. Bridgid is still young enough to retain it and talented enough to make use of it. I'll read on. Greenwolfe 1962

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Chuck Audette 10 May 2007

ding dong the witch is dead no need to sing the blues for it seems you've now a pair of brand-new Gucci shoes! fun one, liked it! - chuck

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Danny Reynolds 30 March 2006

Pure class... (All the King's horses and all the King's men..had scrambled egg for dinner again!) Danny

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Sylvia Spencer 24 February 2006

This is just up my street/ the Nutter Street, I belong to a family of Nutters and this poem belongs to me. brilliant cheers Sylvie

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