Prayer Poem by Francisco Arcellana


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Close all open things, Lord.
Open all closed things.

All those who have long received, let them give.
All those who have long given, let them receive.
All those too long apart, let them come together.
All those too long together, sunder them.

Let the wise be fools for once, Lord,
And let the fools speak their minds.
Affirm the long-denied, Lord.
Fulfill the unfulfilled.

Richard Wlodarski 22 July 2018

What a beautiful prayer!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 22 July 2018

Such a wonderful poem by Francisco Arcellana👍👍👍

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Mahtab Bangalee 22 July 2018

wow excellent praying - yes excellent Yes O GOD let them understand what is pain those who are happy let them understand what is happy those who are pained let them live in poverty those who live in rich let them live in rich those who live in poverty let them be with everything those who are nothing let them be with nothing those who are with everything .................... really excellent prayer

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Dominic Windram 09 May 2019

Wonderful prayer/ poem...I particularly like the use of anaphora.

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Sy Wong. 09 May 2019

Lord, let those who withhold give! Lord, turn those stones into bread!

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Aniruddha Pathak 10 May 2019

A rare poem that begins and ends so well, and never waver once in the middle. Frankly I never had the opportunity to read your poems before.

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Varsha M 09 May 2019

A beautiful prayer appealing Lord to fulfill all that is unfulfilled.

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A powerful write/ prayer from one of the greatest Poets of the Philippines. So wonderfully and brilliantly written.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 09 May 2019

A superb prayer, taking the devotee on sublimated elevation.

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Alouwou Mandjah 09 May 2019

Amen! Francisco Arcellana

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Francisco Arcellana

Francisco Arcellana

Santa Cruz, Manila / Philippines
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