Real American Democracy Poem by LeeAnn Azzopardi

Real American Democracy

Rating: 4.5

Make America Great again
By cleaning the lakes and rivers
And stop poisoning the land
Let's stop this division between of everything
Between the races, Political parties
Gender or sexual orientation
Let the poor succeed by not nickel or dime it
By the way of good jobs and free health care
Better opportunties to advance with free schools
Instead of the military or sports
And let us be kinder to other countries
We are NOT number 1; we are far from it
And to say we are sorry to the ones that we oppressed
Like the indigenous, the African Americans
Because we are the world
And destroy the Second Amendment, the NRA
Lay down yr guns; yr drugs
And kill the reason anyone needs one
Like the Christian Right
How dare they use Jesus to kill
Let us just get along
And be judged on character instead of race
Yes, it will make America Great
And for the first time, we can be ourselves

Michael J Williams 10 May 2021

I agree and I like your message. Amen

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Kevin Patrick 08 February 2021

A great critique of America's social and political problems. It's a precise indictment of everything wrong. Great work!

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Richard Wlodarski 22 January 2021

Great visionary poem, LeeAnn! Let's pray that President Biden gets closer to your vision!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 January 2021

A prudent write! Appreciated the spirit of this poem.5 stars

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 21 January 2021

Your wonderfully crafted poem is truly a blueprint for America's path to greatness. Thanks for sharing.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 July 2022

Excellent poem most magnificent, super words rendered here, your Best Poem, dear LeeAnn! 5 Stars TOP Score and myriad more!

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Kevin Patrick 01 September 2021

I had to reread this again, in light of the withdrawal of Afghanistan, its message still resonates and will for years. Bravo

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Dr Dillip K Swain 28 August 2021

Nice work! Beautiful! Beautifully composed...Bravo!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 July 2021

Liked the closure lines. To my Poem List.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 July 2021

A powerful and meaningful poem. Great message to all.

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