Replenishing The Mind Poem by Ernestine Northover

Replenishing The Mind

Rating: 5.0

The hills, some ploughed brown, come undulating down, framed by verdant green hedges,
forming the edges, where flocks of crows squawking, are already stalking the tractor.

It’s seen, moving along the tracks in-between the fields neatly sown with wheat to be grown.

After stopping to heap, some food for the sheep that range o’er the fells,
and fresh fertile dells,
its occupant gazes stock-still, in this place so tranquil.

A sheepdog circles around, then on command goes to ground,
as the farmer shuts the gate, on the space they both vacate.

It’s their time to return for tea, or a glass of cool shandy and relax,
and so unwind, thus replenishing the mind.

The countryside then lies at rest, and there on the crest of a ridge, owls glide,
now that it’s eventide.
These creatures in flight, are a wonderful sight as the moon sends its beams,
on such fabulous scenes.

And with sunrise the next day, another impressive display.
Moist dew o’er the grass, is a start unsurpassed.

Yet the hills stay the same, and no one can blame the new wanderer’s sheer bliss,
at a view such as this.

Andrew Blakemore 25 June 2009

A lovely picture of day to day life in the countryside and a real pleasure to read. Love, Andy xx

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Alison Cassidy 20 July 2007

A perfect English countryside with wonderful recognizable images and a plethora of internal rhymes (impressive) . Your title is very apt and your poem a visual and aural delight. love, Allie xxxx

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JoAnn McGrath 09 July 2007

let me agree with David here how your words just set the entire picture before my eyes....a brilliant write......: O)

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Marci Made 09 July 2007

The Hills are more than Alive in this lovely poem...I love your use of images and's like being there for real.....This is a beauty........marci.xo

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David Harris 09 July 2007

Ernestine the imagery here is panoramic. You can almost taste the countryside as you read this fabulous poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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