Reflection Poem by Ernestine Northover


Rating: 3.2

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Why do I look in you, at all,
For all I see is the same old me,
And not how I so want to be.

Mirror, mirror on the stairs,
Why do you show me many years,
A face with wrinkles everywhere,
Would anybody like my share.

Mirror, mirror near my bed,
In you I look with certain dread,
For creams and potions just don't work,
Behind them still the wrinkles lurk.

Mirror, mirror in the hall,
Seeing you makes me recall,
That I am now of senior age,
Well stuck into the wrinkles stage.

Mirror, mirror by the door,
How I hate you more and more,
I'm having to look the other way,
When my reflection's on display.

Duncan Wyllie 03 April 2006

And here is a true reflection of the real you: Look carefully.Can you see it? Yes it's the way you make me feel with your warm heart, see the mist breaking away? I think that the reflection is called............................'Wonderful' No cream could ever cover that up Ernestine. Love Duncan

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kskdnj sajn 03 April 2006

mirror, mirror in my purse, to keep you is my future curse, as each day I look into you, something different... for me to view. hehe.. Enjoyed the poem Ernestine! :)

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Hugh Cobb 03 April 2006

Fine write, Ernestine, but remember that is just attachment to an image of a prior self. Be who you are, let your spirit shine through and others will not behold the wrinkles that you do! All they will perceive then is the light that emanates from your very being and that is pure beauty of the Soul. Best, Hugh

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Andrew Blakemore 25 June 2009

A wonderful and witty poem Ernestine. I think this is why God makes your eyesight worse as you get older so you can't see the wrinkles. Love, Andy xx

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Tatianna Rei Moonshadow 24 August 2006

oh my dear, the mirror is every humans worst enemy. I love this poem.

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Gina Onyemaechi 09 April 2006

A mirror reflecting inner beauty would paint a completely different picture, speaker (are you the speaker, Ernestine?) . With warmth, Gina.

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Scarlett Treat 03 April 2006

Remember what I told you? It's my face, and I don't mind it - - it may bother you, but I'm behind it! ! Love you dear Ernestine, and you must learn to get behind that beautiful character-filled face and not mind it. Scarlett

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Esther Leclerc 03 April 2006

You beauty-girl! That's all anyone sees in you, Ernestine! Thank you for being you. Esther : ]

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