Robb Elementary School Tragedy! Poem by Sandra Feldman

Robb Elementary School Tragedy!

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There are not enough
Tears to Cry,
Not enough Mourning
To come by,
When little Children
And their Teachers
Are Murdered
In the most horrible
Way, Ever!

Something dies
Within us, too
That is irreplaceable
How can we ever
Have faith in one
Another, when
Love and Innocence
Are murdered

Language has yet
To have,
The right words to
The inexpresable
Of such loss,
My heart and tears
Are with you,
And I mourn
With you too.
As today
Nothing can hide
The pain, we share
Dearly beloved,
With You...

On this infamous, Day
We have even lost
The ability, to hope,
To hope and pray
For better days.

Today will be one of the saddest days of a long history of Violence in this country. Shame and pain on us all.

Yes, I believe the kkk is overwhelmed and overshadowed my the irrational trumps and trumpists.

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Richard Wlodarski 26 May 2022

2) As powerful as the gun lobby is, it's high time that someone had the courage to stand up to them. How many tragedies of this sort need to happen before they wake up? WAKE UP, AMERICA! BEFORE YOU HAVE NO MORE CHILDREN!

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Part 3. A most relevant issue is highlighted by Sandra. Most passionate

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Sandra Feldman 26 May 2022

My pain in front of barbaric acts like tihat will never disappear! there is something very holocaustic about these horrible crimes against the weakest and most innocent that convert the pain in to an eternal burning and inextinguishable F

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Sandra Feldman 26 May 2022

Forever Pain.

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A heart breaking tragedy, so well presented, dear Poetess........10 With Prayers for the family members

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Very, very sad! An act to be condemned. Innocent children murdered. I read about it in the newspaper.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 27 May 2022

I am still very very sad. Brilliant poem you have presented, dear Sandra!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 27 May 2022

I am still very sad about Ukraine and now this greatest tragedy ever, having the ability to buy a weapon by each inhabitant will only make the killings be greater. How saddest policy of this government. Having finished this response

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Sylvia Frances Chan 27 May 2022

5 Stars Full score for this amazing poem, dear Sandra. Each citizen in the USA can buy these guns/weapons from the weapons maffia, how terrible! You created absolute a brilliant poem about this occurrence

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