A Beautiful Mystery Poem by Sandra Feldman

A Beautiful Mystery

Rating: 4.8

All physical beauty
Is temporary,
But the beauty of compassion,
Love and tender passion
Never dies,
And we even,
Don't know why.

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: true love
Sylvia Frances Chan 04 December 2018

ONE: All things called physical IS temporary always, my dear Sandra, BUT all those called mental, emotive, sensual, all in our mind never die, they live forth, they are in our thoughts and feelings all the time, they could be loveliest or saddest such as the beauty of compassion, love and tender passion, they never die, they are glued in our minds.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 August 2022

Dearest Sandra, I totally forgot to CONGRATULATE YOU POEMHUNTER chose this prfofound and amazing poem as The Poem Of The Day!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 04 December 2018

TWO: As IF they are glued in our minds. They cling to our inner spirit, our mind. They never die. Absolute a Beautiful Mystery you have inked here, Sandra. A Beautiful Mystery unraveled remains Beautiful. It is echoing in my mind, my spirit goes highest when Love and Mystery are involved. A 10 FULL Vote, dear. G.B.U. Amen

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 April 2021

This ppem I still admire. To my Favourites, merci beaucoup chére Sandra, avec amicalement tendresse, Sylvia

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 April 2021

Indeed so true, a Beautiful Mystery full of laughter and full of woe, the Masterpiece of my Mind, A Gem hidden in our hearts, such greatest parts,5 Stars fullest! Thank you so much that you ever created this Beauty. God Blesses You!

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Sandra Feldman 11 April 2023

Thank you for reading and I appreciate your comment!

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Sagi Writes 10 April 2023

Affirmative… always!

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Rob Lamberton 18 December 2022

The mystery of love, an enduring beauty!

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Nabakishore Dash 30 August 2022

Any thing physical is always ephemeral.But beauty of compassion, love and tender passion never dies as by these attributes we take care of other's hearts.CONGRATS DEAR SANDRA.

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 30 August 2022

Physical beauty is temporary but the beauty of love or the beauty of inner soul is eteranl

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