louis rams

Saint Or Death?

i see him coming down the road
in his hand a sickle he holds.
he is dressed in a long black robe
torn and tattered and mighty old.
he is coming with a smile upon his face
his arms outstretched in an unfriendly embrace.
there is blood dripping from his sickle
and for your life, it's not worth a plumb nickel.

she started to scream in horror and dismay.
why are you here? please go away!

HE SAID: i can not leave for i have come for you
to GOD and life, you was untrue.
you turned your back on your family
when they tried to help you the most.
you went to church and denied the HOST.
you claimed that everything in your life was taken away
and to GOD you would not pray.
you stormed out of church with bitterness in your heart
grabbed your bible and tore it apart.
you said that GOD had taken your child
and living was not worth while.
this child of mine was of young age
you took, and put him into his final stage.
he left the house to go and play.
why did'nt you stop the car that ran him down?
the man did'nt live here, he was from out of town.

a hit and run driver is what they said
they still have'nt caught him, of which i dread.
they say he left the country that very day
changed his passport and ran away.

so if you come to take me away, with my child i will stay.

HE SAID: the child is in heaven now, sitting up
there with a golden crown.
he is playing with all the boys and girls
who have left this earthly world.
you will not see him, for you have 'DENIED GOD'
and lost the faith that you had
which makes your child very sad.

your heart was once full of compassion
helping others and taking action.
now your heart is as cold as can be.
you won't see your son until you're set free.
look at all the family and friends here on earth
you're still young and you could give birth.
accept the fact that your son is gone
but his memory will linger on.
he is with you every step of the way
and there's a message that he wants to say:
mother! i am happy here! there is no sickness, no hate,
no time, just faith.
all of us children are here with wings
and to us, that's a good thing.
become the person that you was meant to be.
living in peace and harmony.
as the vision of her son dissappeared
a warmth filled her every pore
and the bitterness she had no more.
she told him:
i do not want to go with you.
there are so many things that i have to do.
the LORD is giving me another chance
to bring another life into this world
and that it'll be a baby girl.
so preparations i must make, for i have so much at stake.
are you really the shadow of death?
or just a spirit that was sent for a test.?

he smiled and turned and walked away
but in her mind, he will stay.

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Poem Edited: Friday, May 20, 2011

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Comments about Saint Or Death? by louis rams

  • Samanyan Lakshminarayanan (8/1/2009 8:10:00 PM)

    a very touching write which gives a lot of hope at the end....very well narrated throughout

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  • Leslie Alexis (heaven Is My Home) (7/31/2009 10:08:00 PM)

    hey.. I'm adding this to a group on facebook. nice message.............. thanks bro

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  • Heather S (7/30/2009 3:51:00 PM)

    this is such a wonderful poem, i like the narrated poems you do.i love it.
    thanks again

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  • Kranthi Pothineni (7/30/2009 4:48:00 AM)

    Well narrated, the ending is good. Full marks for your narration.

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  • Shashendra Amalshan (7/30/2009 4:01:00 AM)

    Hello sir...

    Hey you know what happened.. I posted a rather longish comment on this one and site troubled.. so i v to write it again..lolzz...

    First got to say that this is an exhilarating read.... some parts here sent a chill up my spine too... very thrilling read.. I generally like narrative ones.. many tens for you to composing this write….
    I like narrative your style.. you keep the reader interested through out! ! !

    I ll send you a mail sir..

    With love

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  • ~ Jon London ~ (7/29/2009 9:17:00 PM)

    Very dark and deep my friend....the imagery outstanding...the composition touches the very core of the reader......excellent penning louis...10++++

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  • Christine Kerr (7/29/2009 9:10:00 PM)

    Outch, Almost brought a tear to my eye, There are three people I want to send this on to. You sure know how to dig deep louis, Great eye opener 10++

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  • April Rose Sta Cruz (7/29/2009 8:35:00 PM)

    wow amazing i like it

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