Schindler's List Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

Schindler's List

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"Save one life and you save the world"

Dark tide of evil swept over Europe
Eclipsing light and truth
Nazi jack-boots stamping down
Upon necks of innocence, oppressing
SS and Gestapo spreading terror
For Jews... Hitler's final solution.

German businessman Schindler
Successful, enjoying wealthy lifestyle
Wining, dining in best restaurants
Making love to beautiful women
Driving fast cars, friend of SS officers
Using black market making huge profits.

When he witnessed treatment of Jews
Made to wear yellow Star of David
Humiliated, beaten in the streets
Living in ghettos, caged like zoo animals
Transported in cattle trucks to death camps
Divine light flicked on in his heart.

Seeing evil tried to rescue Jews
Bought factory employing Jewish labour
Saving them from gas chamber
Making list of names, bribing SS
Risking torture and execution
Saving as many Jews as he could.

His Jews called themselves 'Schindler's Juden'
When war ended Israel honoured him
With title ‘Righteous Person.'
He planted a tree in Avenue of the Righteous
One man's stand against evil.
Oskar Schindler is buried in Israel.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: hero,holocaust,world war ii
Oskar Schindler, member of Nazi party, war profiteer. Saved 1,100 Jews during the holocaust. Enigmatic manwho against overwhelming odds made a difference.
Erhard Hans Josef Lang 19 July 2008

This is a most useful poem inasmuch as it makes for a strong reminder to all of us humans that truly ethical living has not so much to do with not living a life in debauchery but with being humane in one's heart of hearts even in the face of personal risks

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I've seen this movie believe it or not....and I think that you did a wonderful job with the way you wrote this have a way with words that make people want to read your work....I know I say that alot but it's true! Nice Job!

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Ron Flowers 12 July 2008

When people say there is nothing we can do to change things, they should read this poem.

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Viola Grey 03 July 2008

this is testament to the amazing difference one person can make if they really care to change the world...great write, excellent tribute.

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Duncan Wyllie 02 July 2008

I watched the film and read a very well documented book about this dark time This poem reaches out with the hand of humanity It is an excellent and fine example of someone who made a real difference, Love duncan X

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Colin Ian Jeffery

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