Scrip Of Reasonable Thinking Poem by dimitrios galanis

Scrip Of Reasonable Thinking

In life's theater which passions stage
suspended everywhere the lies are starring
with all masquarade's counterfeits
upon the masque of Trueness they wear
lest it nude insult mores bonos
used to dry wefts of unspecified senses
in front of flaming hearths consolations sparkling.

Ecstatic the onlookers from its Enlightment
flood the public fora
to spread the limelight of its fiery tongue
to crowds absent.
And you who did not deigned
to attend its on scene Epiphany
dare to ask the question
whether it was its naked idol
or any counterfeitmasque of it instead.

Your audacity is struck by the thunderbolts
of those 'who know' brandishing
on hand the guarantee of having it heard and seen
typed on theticket of the performance.
What a pity, soliloquize, not to give performances
the Common Sense too,
so that you had your own scrip of reasonable thinking!

Scrip Of Reasonable Thinking
Monday, February 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: political utopia,reasoning
translation 1 Fab.2016
Daniel Brick 12 February 2016

Democracy especially depends on persuasion and persuasion depends on sincerity. Your poem shows how quickly persuasion can become ineffective when people demand simple solutions or when public speaking becomes manipulation. That is the loss of the foundation of social harmony. But we must continue to affirm that REasonable scrip.

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Dimitrios Galanis 12 February 2016

The system rejects my answers to the other two scholia of yours.I'll write them again.But, dear Daniel, no literary critic on the poem.Are they poems? Or you take into notice That I'm not apoet.What interests me more is if they can move their readers.

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Kelly Kurt 01 February 2016

I just saw a study that rated the speaking ability of political figures in terms of average vocabulary. Donald trump was on the bottom with a communication level of a 4th grader. Very few others reached a high school level

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Dimitrios Galanis 01 February 2016

So interesting.And just on the matter.To prove their real audacity.Common Sense has no chance for a carier.Thanks a lot.

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dimitrios galanis

dimitrios galanis

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