Scorning Horizon's Orderliness Poem by dimitrios galanis

Scorning Horizon's Orderliness

Under Levantine'slights
and fatherland's colours
our laughter was agitating the hush
οf our inactive flaccidness
scorning horizon's orderliness.
At the inaugurations of our sin's idols
we erected on the public fora
our laughing sounded laudatory.

Whenprotesting warning voices
were smiting the air,
our laugh was wearing its mocking mask.

Now that the land is swept
by purificatory storms
breaking into pieces those idols
we were worshipping,
now that the anti-pagan voices
predicting the hell of idolatry pullulated,
now, now
thatthe seed of joy started falling in scarity,

let us educate it
beyond any scorn of any orderliness
to learn first burst out self-sarcastic
so that tomorrow be able to blossom on our lips
as a hope's laughter,
while we will be rearranging
our οld narrow horizons.

When a nation does not count what are its earnings and its expenses, where can the deficits lead the economy, then comes a bitter hour in front of the abyss it is forced to take painful measures to save what can be saved.
Daniel Brick 16 July 2016

I don't understand economics, not on the level of the public business environment, nor on the level of my personal finances (How do you balance a checkbook, really? !) . But I can vividly comprehend this story of reaping what you sow. Your heightened language raises this account far above the level of a TV news report. It has the gravitas of a genuine tragedy, and shouild provide the necessary warning to those paying attention. But it must be very sad for you to have to write such a poem about the errors of your fellow citizens.

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Kelly Kurt 24 March 2016

Governments are not held to the same standards as their citizenry. The USA's debt is approaching 18 trillion. I'd lend it to them, but they'd probably just buy more war supplies and gold plated toilets.

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Dimitrios Galanis 25 March 2016

Thank you, dear Kelly.Four years ago I had noticed that US debt was 16 tr.,100% of national income.It's getting all the more higher, I see.Any way I hope I have shown by the poem the crisis we have been plunged in.My country experiences the greatest one in its history.Thank you so much.

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Barry Middleton 24 March 2016

If America does not rearrange its horizons we will find ourselves in this same scarcity.

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Dimitrios Galanis 25 March 2016

Unfortunatelly our democracies can not deal with those great problems when they allow to their elites use it for their own interests.We do need severe scrutinity on the actions of the governing and economical elites which lead nations to the crisis of poverty.

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Gajanan Mishra 24 March 2016

old narrow horizon, I like it..

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Dimitrios Galanis 25 March 2016

Before answering your kind comment, dear Gajanan Mishra, I read your poems you posted today.It's not the first time I do read poems of yours.I would like to comment many of them but my english not being in the level i would like to do not give me the vourage to do it.For a comment as I would it like to be, I should write it forst in my language and then tramslate it.///That is what I do with my own poems.They are translations of my poems written in my native language, neohellenic[greek]..Thank you so much my dear.I regaryour comment a honour to me by a talented poet.

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