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Sea Of Love


Drifting on the sail of her heart, he reaches the port of her love with kisses on the moonlight.
The vessel of his instrument is navigating the shores of her movements as he dives into her arms.
Swimming the ocean floor of her eyes, he ascends to the height of her legs and finds lips of honey.
Your sea of love explodes the night air with her temptations of whirlpools that ignites storm waters.
Singing on the coral reef of her mind, he captures her waters with harpoons of musical notes.
Descending into the corridors of her sea, she immobilizes him with her body of enchantments.
Holding onto her hair, she swiftly dips her curves beneath his hidden treasures; he surrenders the moon.
Within the sea of love the sands of the sea entraps the hearts of many as they flow towards his desires.

Without warning the ocean causes a waterfall in her walk and she disappears into the beat of his heart.
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Friday, June 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Dimitrios Galanis 02 February 2016

I'll try to translate it into greek, a language with a three thousand trandition in literature.I'm a master in my language but I have to master the greatness of the bold metaphors readers are not used to.For me it will be an Heracleus'Labour. The american literature faces for first time such a language in poetry.European one has experienced similar efforts but noone succeded to reach that sublime T.Mosley reaches.This comment of mine here is not adressed to Theodore but to History of Literature.I would like to be written in this history as the first one to have seen the greatness of his poesy.

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