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! Season Of Mists And Mellow Evening Class

Rating: 3.0

There's a nip in the air these days.
Time for self-improvement.
In evening class, some nights
will be fruitful, joyous, all you hoped.

Then there'll be nights when
a diligent student has a 'problem'...
could be a particular or worse, a general...

The class, who've been together
long enough to bond,
hasten to join him under that black cloud,
misleadingly shaped like an umbrella,
of his/her problem; we're not sure
exactly what that problem is;
but we all frown, look serious..
who would think that silence could be so heavy?

only natural landscape would describe it -
black cloud, boggy ground, slippery scree,
fog descending; where's the compass point?

the tutor's seen it many times before.
It's the underbelly of the learning curve
shaped more like shark than jellyfish..

Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele 23 September 2007

Michael - Football is the only God in Alabama and the rites have begun. In my Saturday am class we have intimidated each other, not to ask questions, so we can all get out of there before kickoff. It doesn't matter if we're sitting there in a complete quandary, we all attempt to appear enlightened. Otherwise those 'sharks' will get us in the parking lot! This poem was entertaining! Thanks Michael - Cheryl

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Max Reif 16 September 2007

Hi, Michael! 'Underbelly of the learning curve'-good image. Such a pall is cast by one studen'ts problem-makes me wonder more, what subject it is!

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