Season's Greetings Poem by Rob Lamberton

Season's Greetings

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Great to be on the same page
Reading together
Eating together
Enjoying together
Talking together
In each other's company
Noticing each other
Going to the same places

Season's Greetings
David Wood 05 December 2022

I sometimes think I'm nit only in the wrong page but in the wrong book! ! Such is life! ! Season's greetings to you and yours, though it's a bit early.

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Rob Lamberton 05 December 2022

Many seasons come and go…it doesn't have to be all about Christmas!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 20 December 2022

A sweet poem... loved it dear poet Rob. Merry Christmas to you.

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Rob Lamberton 20 December 2022

Thank you Dr Swain. And a very Merry Christmas! !

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Savita Tyagi 20 December 2022

Yes holidays become worthwhile with togetherness. Seasons greetings to you also. Thanks for your comment on my poem, A Poet's heart'

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Rob Lamberton 20 December 2022

Thank you for visiting my page! I thought your poem was great!

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M.J. Lemon 07 December 2022

Brilliant verse, Rob. When these things can and do happen, any day becomes a perfect holiday! Happy Holidays!

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Rob Lamberton 07 December 2022

Thanks M.J.! !

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 07 December 2022

Let the seanson come to greet all together

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 05 December 2022

Wonderful thought for the season

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