Treasure Mountain Poem by Rob Lamberton

Treasure Mountain

Rating: 4.6

Jewels spoken on a hillside
Words of sparkling light
Set a man as a diamond
Discovered on a dark night
Wash off that soiled stone
Be as worthy as a throne
To expose the One of Beauty
And have beauty of your own
Dig deep into the mountain
Unearth the treasure there
For all of earthly riches
To this Kingdom can not compare

Treasure Mountain
Sylvia Frances Chan 30 January 2023

Absolutely true are your 2 concluding lines, Rob, CONGRATS again being chosen today as The Member Poem Of The Day! Top Marks. after Simply See

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 February 2023

SIMPLY SEE was TMPOTD on the 16th January 2023 and now Treasure Mountain on the 30 January 2023. So happy to read that PH has appreciated your poems as I just mentioned, Rob. Once again my Congratulations for both achievements.

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Rob Lamberton 03 February 2023

Sylvia, heartfelt appreciation to you for your several comments here and elsewhere! I appreciate your poetry and comments throughout PH. Blessings!

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David Wood 02 November 2022

A good start to your poetry, mountains and live both excellent themes for poems. Good work.

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Mervyn Graham 06 April 2024

I love it... nice poem indeed

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Esselebor Ebhojie 07 October 2023

Thoughts of celestial beauty that feed the spirit

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Tamara Beryl Latham 10 July 2023

Beautiful imagery that forces the reader to appreciate nature that surrounds us. : -)

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M.J. Lemon 16 March 2023

The metaphorical mountain...we are indeed either mountains...or valleys. Terrific verse, Rob

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Doris Cornago 08 March 2023

Click when you see the + near your name.

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Rob Lamberton 08 March 2023

I'll keep my eye out for it but haven't seen it yet.

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