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Secret Passage

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We found them hidden
Yes they are miracles
What they are made of
The subatomic particles
How they look like!
Can I grip one!
If earth is an electron...
Nucleus should be sun!
If these are the windows

To the secret of the world
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Saturday, November 11, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: quest,secret
Me Poet Yeps Poet 11 November 2017

Nucleus should be sun! where's the doubt all revolves about the NUCLEAUS SUN Have you not read my bestest poem my MOM'S SMILES kindly do.......you will like it too since ur an upcoming poet too

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Valsa George 23 November 2017

Many of the mysteries of life remain hidden to us! No sure passage is open to them! Great write, Muhammad!

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Akhtar Jawad 15 November 2017

Yes, Ali the structure of an atom is very much similar to that of solar systems. How much insignificant we are in this universe! A great thoughtful poem.

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Unwritten Soul 14 November 2017

i read a wonderful poem by MJ Lemon, and after that i found another good one here...i really loved it you know i always have this in my mind even i revisited this thought few days ago but here we go you tell us here: If earth is an electron... Nucleus should be sun! and the poem executes...very fine! :) where is the key? but the first question how big the lock is! so we can look its match!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 11 November 2017

Electron, proton, atomic and subatomic particles are science terms which are hidden and create miracles. Dear Ali you have aptly and astutely inscribed this poem on the base of science. Interesting to read. Thanks for sharing.10

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Mj Lemon 11 November 2017

If we are but tiny specks on the molecule that is our universe....what lies beyond is we cannot fathom. This is a brilliant work, Ali.

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