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Emotions occupy zero space
But can trigger a big bang
Ages ago, before this world...
Was it a heart, felt a pang!

Monday, August 14, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: thought
Shakil Ahmed 14 August 2017

you have portrayed your emotions beautifully using a few words thanks for sharing a nice poem,

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Osazee Dankaro 14 August 2017

Wow! ! ! ! Ali Adamson. This is a great poem. Took me a few minutes to understand your train of thought, but sincerely, I believe you have written a very short and very wonderful poem. It is indeed a food for thought. It is indeed.

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Mj Lemon 26 August 2017

This goes right to my favourites list. Stunning imagery, and by far the most amazing accounting of the Big Bang that perhaps exists. Superbly done, Ali.

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Valsa George 17 August 2017

Definitely emotions can create a big bang sometimes! Even the universe came into existence through a big bang!

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Unwritten Soul 15 August 2017

Wow those opening lines, i feel like beautiful thoughts..........and then you finished it with other two beautiful lines. Not only emotion, thoughts also require no space Dang, my brain spark hahahahaha..loved it :) thats great to see you come with more poems, more berries to have in summer lol. By the way Art and Science shared same root, Creativity! :)

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Susan Williams 14 August 2017

The brevity here amped up that big bang and focus our attention on those magnificent last two lines- - - Ages ago, before this world... Was it a heart, felt a pang! - - well done, definitely deserving more than a 10! ! ! !

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Dr Antony Theodore 14 August 2017

Was it a heart, felt a pang! triggering a big bang...... a very fine poem.. thank you very much. tony

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