Secrets And Lies Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Secrets And Lies

Rating: 3.8

How can you keep a secret
How can you keep a lie
How can you live with yourselves
knowing What they did

Are you all in a cult
or are you turning a blind eye
You know the secrets
That could save peoples lives
But instead you choose
to live a lie

I've seen good things
I've seen bad things
But i've never seen
a lie like this
How can anybody
turn a blind eye to this

Lies breed lies
Satan breeds the devil
But justice will one day
breed the truth

Eric Cockrell 03 March 2012

we are what we see, and what we dont see! and we bear the responsibility! good poem.

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Duke Sekhon 04 March 2012

The poem speaks of a truth we are most likely to refrain from airing owing to an innate fear of being found out for what we really are.

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Tsira Gogeshvili 04 March 2012

Satan breeds the devil ........................................... Good written..As they speaks one day the truth will too eat the breads

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Creed Short 04 March 2012

Good substance, but I think some punctuation and adjusting capitalization unless that is the way it is intended to be.

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Kaila George 05 July 2012

Truth is in the heart Truth is in the soul How can one not know What god gave to thee I like this we often hide, and the hardest thing one can do is face up to the truth, because if you dont it just breeds into more lies.

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Hans Vr 06 March 2012

Honesty is one of the important things life. I do not agree at all with the Prince of Darkness (comment below) that people would rather be blissfully unaware than know the truth. The truth he is talking about is his opinion about things. People may not want to know his opinion. Truth is present in our souls and our soul knows the truth. Every single lie hurts us and our souls a little more. It is not easy to practice honesty for 100% but if more people tried the world would be quite different. Thanks for sharing this nice poem

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The Prince Of Darkness 05 March 2012

Sadly my lies fill me like a poison and seep out of my every pore. I have constructed a beautiful web of lies that spans for over 1 and a half decades and I know it will keep growing for in the end people would rather be blissfully unaware than to know the truth.

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Jinal Oswal 05 March 2012

But justice will one day breed the truth Very true... truth comes out one day... Nice poem and good subject..

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Kevin Patrick 04 March 2012

That was a fantastic closing Mr Walker, most people turn a blind eye to things to manners in which they feel have no baring effect on them until it hits them. Great writers look beyond what immediately hits them and see the bigger picture. That's why the pen is mightier then the sword. Great Job

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