Sensual Thoughts (Sharing A Sensual Delight For All Of You) Poem by Melvina Germain

Sensual Thoughts (Sharing A Sensual Delight For All Of You)

In an evening's bliss beneath sky's midnight blue,
my darling my thoughts are intoxicated by you.
Will you delight your mind, and always appreciate me
bathe in my sweet aroma, dance in my royal sea.
Precious words my dear, I'll pen the wildest letter
send a blaze of fire, perhaps you'll like that better.
You can call me and listen to sensual lines on the phone
during cool nights when you're sitting quiet all alone,
or you can touch me beneath the amber light of a tranquil space
invisibly see the glitter in my eyes, the sensual smile on my face.
Delight me, my sweetheart by gazing intently at my being,
while softly echoing, O baby you're the best I've ever seen
O let your mouth lie as much as your tongue will allow
as I kiss you sweetly on your soft lips and your brow.
Explore me in the deep valley of my longing flesh
may this Heavenly night continually refresh.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Aug.15/2015
Time: 11: 41pm

Sunday, August 16, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: sensual
Darlene Walsh 15 September 2015

A sweet love poem with good rhyming and a very sensual ending. It reads like both a story and a poem.

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Bri Edwards 20 August 2015

I’m waiting for Kelly to get out of the shower. …………………….. oops! too late. now I’ll REALLY need a shower! ! the rhyming is great, though all of the other words [put together with great sensualness] (see, Melvina, I can make up words*** also; you told me YOU do) , AND the relatively long lines, took some of my attention away from the rhymes. what is IN that “valley”? is it open to the pubic ………….. I mean public? ? what’s your phone #? I gotta get me some of this! to MyPoemList for sure. and I can hold this for the Sept. showcase. ok? bri :) p.s. *** this computer underlined “sensualness” in red. so I thought it was not an accepted dictionary word. BUT I checked and found it in a Google selection. ………. “Definition of SENSUALNESS : the quality or state of being sensual “

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Kelly Kurt 16 August 2015

Ok, I need a cold shower now, Melvina.: -)

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

Sydney, Nova Scotia
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