Shades Of Gray Poem by Melvina Germain

Shades Of Gray

Rating: 4.9

Starlit colors
were that of bright blues,
with flickers of crystallite silver hues.
As time progressed,
life’s radiance faded.
Shades of gray, danced over the
brilliance of the universal aura, creating
a systemic embolism, penetrating deep
within it’s core.
Lush greens, fertile lands,
lost forever more.

(April 25/2007)

Sandra Fowler 25 April 2007

A lament for a landscape that is slowing passing away before the poet's eyes. A wonderful command of colors displayed in this nostalgic piece. Beautiful, Melvina. Love, Sandra

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Superior imagework employed here, Melvina...a spectrum of vividity & grande depiction...and perhaps a lilt of sadness for the grey that that somehow cannot see the kaleidoscopic view in front of it...Solid work, young lady... FjR

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Reinalie Jorolan 26 April 2007

smiles and a peaceful yet poignant reflection from my end from a very wonderful poem...your words do have small hands that can touch the recess of my emotions. thanks my friend. xoxoxo

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H H 02 May 2007

Fabulous impression is what I feel in this poem. H

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Jim Foulk 28 April 2007

i give you a ten on this one. it is a very fine piece of poetry.

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Sid John Gardner. 27 April 2007

An artist painting a canvas with words.Marvellous work Melvina. Sid John.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 27 April 2007

Many colors of the spectrum are you, painting a picture so beautiful... Melvina.. Paint on my poetic friend, i will keep on reading tell the end... Andy x

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 26 April 2007

Such a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT you created so amazingly! I can see your words and I love your imagery in this one.Melvina, you write sooooo well and I am always glad when you put your fingers to typing...because it always brings great results! ((Smile)) Please keep up the excellent work. L, =Shelley=

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

Sydney, Nova Scotia
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