She Hates Her Laughter [ The Little Refugeegirl ] Poem by dimitrios galanis

She Hates Her Laughter [ The Little Refugeegirl ]

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The ikon of that little face
always present asleep or awake.
The one hand stretched out to grasp,
the other beating, kicking waters back.
How could the poor weaked creatures
keep themselves on the foam up!

Had she the strength to clasp him to her!
Slap on the mouth the wave,
saltiness swallowed for breath
gives her a turn. Flinches,
in a whirlwind immersed...
Hh! she does not remember any more
what else there and after happened at all.

Scene bitter in her memory etched,
turbulent sea, to fight waters against,
the agony on the gaze,
the suppliance in his crying voice.
They did not manage to save him too.
Drowned, they said,
found him at the bottom, ...dead.

Oh! She still hears the bullets and bombs
falling rain in the neighborhood.
Her ear heard on the flight's road
that many known and friends went lost,
these and these she as well knew
schoolmates too and not a few.

Shudders the mind, trembles the heart,
alone the bitter tears often roll down.
She feels a knot clogging the throat.
Sob strange comes often out as breath.
In the foamed waves does not forget
that cursed moment,
does not,
and twists the poor button
once to the right once to the left.....

She hates her laughter,
she cuts it in the middle of the process,
she hides it, ashamed, afraid
obstinately closes lips,
lest in the world be heard,
a tear yes, preferred to be shared, yes!
He does not know, does not believe,
imagine can not,
whether her lips will ever again laugh,
whether reopen free wings in the sky up.
How she can not bear anyone
thinking of her a Lucky one,
when she would have free lips to laugh,
if only in her place were that,
that child and all the other lost ones!

She Hates Her Laughter [ The Little Refugeegirl ]
Thursday, December 3, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: misery,war memories,humanity,immigration,life and death
This is a tranlation I make of a poem of mine written in greek at 23 Oct.2015 after accidents in the Aegean sea where refugee children were drowned.
Margaret O Driscoll 24 February 2016

So very sad, such pain and suffering, thanks for sharing Dimitios

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Dimitrios Galanis 25 February 2016

Thank you, dear Lady, for having a kind word about the feelings the poem can cause.

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Pamela Sinicrope 26 January 2016

A dramatic poem that illustrates the pain, loss, and suffering experienced by refugees. So sad with lasting lingering effects on the human psyche.

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Dimitrios Galanis 26 January 2016

Very pleased to see you, Pamela, have a flettering word on it.Thank you.

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Galina Italyanskaya 23 January 2016

A very impressive writing! After loosing family and friends how to laugh?

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Dimitrios Galanis 23 January 2016

Thank you, Galina.I do appreciate so much your generous word, having noticed in many of your comments on poems in PH, the ability to utter a serious literary critic.Take into notice that english is not my native language and my translations into english from the prototyp is not an easy one.Do please without any hasitation let me know the expression not appropriate to change.Thanks again

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Tim Wilds 07 December 2015

What powerful imagery! Tense. I could picture every line of it. She feels a knot clogging the throat Sob strange comes often out as breath. Those lines really stand out to me. I can relate to the intense sadness, but can't begin to imagine what they went through. You captured the scenery, emotion, and the human spirit in this one Dimitrios. Thank you for sharing.

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Dimitrios Galanis 07 December 2015

It; s an honour to you to have seen it the way described.Do study its means to emphasise the trauma of a child, who shows the humanism the responsible should show

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dimitrios galanis

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