She Was Beautiful Poem by Randy McClave

She Was Beautiful

I looked at her beautiful hair
From at which all men and women did jealously stare,
And then came a breeze, her hair it did tease
Then her fragrance was temptation in the air.

I then looked at her beautiful smile
It could not ever bring forth guile,
Her teeth did all glimmer, as they all did shimmer
Which I believed could be seen for a mile.

I then looked into her beautiful eyes
They weren't just a gift they were a prize,
In them I got lost, at my own cost
They cold have never held any lies.

I then looked at her beautiful fingernails
They were polished and painted to great details,
When I saw them I thought, what have they sought
I bet they could tell many tales.

I then looked at her beautiful body and face
As if she was wearing the finest lace,
She was indeed a piece of art, from which no eyes could depart
Upon her, with beauty God did highly grace.

I then heard her beautiful lips speak with joy and glee
As though her lies were truth and honesty,
She spoke of racism and hate, and how she judged others fate
Now when when I see her, I only see ugly.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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