Shunyata- An Epilogue Poem by Om Chawla

Shunyata- An Epilogue

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Ever since Ms. Valerie Dohren, whose poetic genius I love and respect, while commenting on my poem 'Creation', observed '....idea of something arising out of nothing is incomprehensible to us...'. I had been wanting to explain the genesis of my thought. She is very right when she says, ' Creation is something we will never understand, ' yet still human mind inquisitive as it is, has been trying to resolve this mystery. There is a saying in our part of the world, which means, 'In the beginning there was word [-om or ahem or...-] meaning perhaps sound an expression of energy. I think modern scientific theory of 'BIG BANG' bursting forth of energyis in a way a similar proposition. It's another matter that there is no explanation as to where it existed, how it came about, whence came the space and a host of other questions. Before it's emergence or manifestation in Big Bang it lay in a state of dormancy, in non-existence or as we call it 'Shunyata'. It is this emergence from non-existence to existence that takes the shape of Creation. I believe it is the same what Ms Anita Sehgal means when in her poem Shoonya
she says: -
Bindu, the point, where life in the womb begins,
where all sounds dissolve
and silence melts
Shoonya, the point, where non creation became creation,

Again it is the same when Ms. Valerie Dohren in her poem 'Becoming- A Story
[ part 1- Ovulation/conception ]says: -
'I knew nothing of my true origin was set beyond this universe, in the wider cosmos which embraces all of creation.....'

If creation were not manifestation or emergence or bursting forth of energy from dormancy of non-existence, it would mean existence of a conscious creator an omnipotent God existing in breathless non space........

The mystery of the origin of Universe has been and shall always remain beyond resolution, even so human mind, inquisitive as it is, shall always remain in hunt for an answer. It is this inquisitiveness which prompted Dr. Paul Brunton, a British thinker, to spend major part of his life living with yogis, mystics and holy men in India, Tibet and the surrounding countries of the region to understand Oriental concepts. He came up with his own concept of Mentalism / World mind.
The truth of origin of Universe is beyond human reach and is un-knowable. We can only try to understand what our thinkers think. The concept of Shunya [also spelt as shoonya] is one such proposition and I have tried to interpret the same with whatever little understanding I have gained. I thought of sharing the same with fellow poets and hence this effort- -'Shunyata- Completeness in Nothingness'

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophical
Patricia Grantham 21 October 2013

A very good writing this is. Your great expressions is found in this your poem. The act of creation is beyond our mere human thoughts. We are all born for some kind of purpose. It is up to us to find our place and to seek the Creator. When you have time I invite you to read some of my works. A good write.

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Ramesh Rai 28 August 2013

one step ahead but it is my faith human being is such a creature will find out the answer n this land is in process since vedic age. spiritually they might have got the answer.plz read my poem the hymn of mercy.thnx for sharing

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