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Signs And Signs - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Purple skies, fibrous lightning, earthquakes, and perfect times
Shining of the sun, sightings, double take it, you wasn't crazy
Something ancient, only the LORD, and see afull moon
Remain, in spite of phases, for multiple
Days, with holy birds
It shows the work of YHWH, soaking music vibes
Prophetic origins, worship, praise, certainly
For these things are from heaven's coordinates, the angels clearer
Couldn't be more grateful, others seeing
The Light, only thing I want, torches, for the, sordid realities
Fornication urns, cordial but morphing perspectives
Get poured igniters on
Malice, any fortune with anarchy
Was established wrong
Cycles, of dismantling, striving, to smite, the handle gone
The candle blown
The slander broke, consistently, my hope is strong
Visualize the right things
Spiritually, though my goals, got some bows, and arrows aimed
To disintegrate them
Though God is seen, the oddest pieces
Owned by this information
Though misinforming happened, disaccord
Some hidden practice
Meant to craft some scaffolding
To reach for me and
Face to face, like panicking, some acts of desperation
From the slandering
When they learned how YHWH actually made it
Ain't a factor in, but want to seem protagonists in stuff such wasn't fashioned in
The path transcend the pattern though
Of the earth
The damage hid, the passion, still, impactful
Though I'd have to end
Irrationally, ‘cause evil picked my blossoms, just to spoil
My contentment, hit my latern, with some stones, give me thorns for
Keep what's YHWH stored within the soul, the wisdom, gold
The scripture zone, remember cold, I rather be in the assembly
Of the righteous talk, the stuff that Light exalted
In assembly, in the Master's presence, oily crosses
Brand every entrance
With stuff that Christ had taught
Some just want me wanting
What they desire, I'm focused though, hate conspire ways to
Abate the fire, that's Weh', it's higher
Improvising on it, to dim my light, and I'm headphones
With some heavy weight
I exist in concept, and I'm choir mice
Liars chide, replying
Through my success, ifignored or not, rise, demon swords was out
And jingling, I just had the LORD and GOD
My strength eternity
Regardless, what occur to me
The serpent, ain't some
Leaders, ain't some sequel, like when curses break
Some seasons, devils buried me
And needless, never heard a thing, never served a thing
Serve the hate with scripture verse from Weh'
Though attacks allowed to happened
Learned the how and
Why it is, my life horrific, like a film, because of how some benefit
At my expense, while I'm concealed
Some confess to cry for me...
Because of this distortion, as if the recompense for such
From God, ain't ever coming, forced into relationships
And cults are used to help who done it, once reality set in
They plan I perish, kept from justice
Held up in their wrong
Are the wicked, God ain't special to them, fair to ruin like anyone
But YHWH's glory never ruined
The devil want to shut me up because they see my treasure
Ruined, while I manufacture more, while the presence, of the devil
Gravitate to me, annually, but we, just overlook it
All I do is vent, if justice do exists, God approves of it
Evil joining forces, after recognize, the LORD immortal
God was watching too, a lot to view, who kill me got the brew
But I don't want the same for anyone who scheme and plot
To feud, earth is not the home of
Saints, the truth is what I want embraced, aligning to the Gospel
In ages that are antichrists, with systems that allow the evil
‘Cause the same are antichrists
There's signs within my
Persecution, knowledge that ain't handled right
Not bitter from the hate received
Just not with any pain
Tonight, but rather, still the Scripture seam and pleat my quilt
That faith opined, and nothing that the evil seek
The Spirit real, what's fake is lies
Jesus still my Shepherd, the mistake some made
Mislabeling Light
And only after damage come, some save the day
But waste my life, and seeing what they want to see
Ignore what's real to save their mind
Cosmological, I praise the LORD, my faith in God still
Even though, some humiliate a baby, piece a show around it
Pleasure from the torture
Seems amazing, some can't go without it
But they witnessed signs
On a wide scale, as grounds quaked, moments to exalt the
Feareth not, ‘cause Yawh great

Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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